How Do You View Your Contribution?

Are you free
Your heart is calling
To give what you are doing
You may have thought you 
Missed the call the
First time around
But whatever you choose
To do now
Will compound
Sometimes that
Which tugs at our heart
Just wants a yes
With the right mindset
Because that which you 
Feel to do
Becomes more meaningful
When you attach
Meaning to what you do
You may have heard
The phrase about the 
Street sweeper
Because when you
Give meaning to what you do
The passion for what
You do grows deeper
Once you are making
A positive contribution
And coming from
A Place of love
What you give
Will make someone happy
So count what you do
A valuable contribution 
And it’s all possible
If you can attach
Meaning to what you do
As of today
I hope you enjoy
Whatever you do
And if you are not as yet
You just need to attach
Meaning to what you are
Already doing.

The passion for what I do became stronger by me believing that what I have to give is meaningful.

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