Believe Anyway

Believe Anyway

No matter how much 

Others want to doubt you

Believe anyway

You may sometimes want to

Think that life is unfair

And it may feel that way

But to get to where you

Want to go

You must believe anyway

You are going encounter

Setbacks and at times

Feel stressed and frustrated

But you must

Believe anyway

Some people 

Are going to say no

And there is nothing you can do

About what they say

Because they just don’t believe in you

But you must believe anyway

A contract you thought

Was a done deal

And although not getting

The deal make you feel

Some type of way

You must believe anyway

You may not feel motivated

Or feel at your best today

Believe anyway

You may not have carried out

All that was on your to do list

But I still insist

That you believe anyway

Even with the friends that have

Turn their backs

You must believe anyway

If the date that you have set

To accomplish a particular goal

Has past

This is to remind you

That you still have it in you

To be steadfast

So no matter the previous


You must believe anyway.

The mind sees beyond the limitation of the eyes. The mind sees possibilities.

Sometimes the experience that you may have may feel more than just a test of strength but if you can see the good in each experience, you’ll be able to withstand the pressure that life may present.

Despite the setback you may experience in your life you must believe anyway that each setback is a set up for a greater come back.

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2 responses to “Believe Anyway

  1. Sometimes the journey is a lonely one. Fortunately I really haven’t experienced any external disbelief or negativity about my own aspirations, a real blessing.

    Perseverance is my best friend! Thank you once again for the positive reinforcement Richard!

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