The Pillow


When will you realize

That not because you have somewhere

To rest your head

Means that you are free

I hope you realize that your deposition

Is not because of biology

But an underlining factor

That is clearly defined

In psychology

Of which causes you to

Hate yourself

When you should be

Loving yourself

The pillow makes you blind

Where your focus

Is just on the currency

And not to

Leave a legacy

If you take the time

To decipher this

You’ll realize that true power

Lines in unity

Which is a practice that can

Help with breaking conformity

What do you see

When you look into your own eyes

I hope you love what you see

Because to secure

Your position for the next level


Will help you to feel more

Intrinsically motivated

So for your mission

You need ambition

So how you see yourself


And it cannot be overstated

So despite having a pillow

You must realize that

There is more to life…

You want to have a clearly defined objective so you can have a better perspective on life.

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One response to “The Pillow

  1. It would seem that perspective and objectivity so often go hand in hand Richard. How we perceive things along our journey will ultimately influence whether or not we reach our objectives, our goals.

    I have found that through learning, experience and the trials in life that we face we grow in a positive way and the importance of perspective and objectivity become clearer every day. In so many ways once we acquire knowledge, understanding and the inspiration to pursue our goals without condition or waiver the possibilities in life are almost without limitation.

    Thank you once again, Richard, for enriching our perspective!

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