What is balance to me

May not be balance for you

So whatever you do

Make sure it fits your lifestyle

For me

When the day is done

Physically I should feel satisfied

For balance

Sometimes I have to drop

The pride

Because emotionally

I want to feel satisfied

I choose to be contented with

Who I am

And my well-being

Is a part of the plan

So from a holistic

Point of view

I know mentally

I will have to engage

In something

That raises my frequency

And I don’t believe

In using alibi’s

Because when the day in finished

I want to feel satisfied

So for you 

Being balance

Is what works best for you

But the essentials

Should be covered

So to come up with a basic plan

You may have to be creative

But you don’t want to forget Faith

Family or fun

And if they are not already

Of your daily practice

One by one

You can get them done

In the long run

You are already exposed to a lot of ideals on how you should stay balance but if you choose to follow them all, you may find yourself doing things that only take up a lot of your time. Choose what you do wisely.

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2 responses to “Balance

  1. Richard, one of the quintessential elements that afford me balance is music and almost without fail I end my day listening to a mix of relaxing, inspired music…a salvation of sorts.

    I also endeavor to be as consistent as possible in my readings of your words here Richard…a source of powerful inspiration and enlightenment, a focus that draws my attention away from the challenges of the day.

    Balance can be so delicate yet so empowering…as those song notes and everlasting words.

    • Thanks Don, appreciate your kind words and compliment on the things I share…Music is always a good one Don. Music do help’s with relaxation.

      By maintaining a balance life we are more likely to be more productive.

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