The Next Level

The Next Level

Some people come into your life

Just to show you the way

Some may just stop for a day

Of play

Some will distract you

If you are not careful

Some will share insights that are


Some will lift you up

When you are down

Some will help you spread

Your message around

Some will be a friend to the end

While some will only pretend

Some will be a door opener

But you will have to make up your mind

To be the closer

Some will guide you

To the next level

A reminder to you

Not to settle

Some will push you

Because they see more in you

Some will stop

Before you reach

Because the lesson you needed

They already teach

Some will think

You are show off

But it’s because they

Don’t understand your path

Some will not be able

To come with you to the next level

So don’t feel bad

Just because you

Have realized that your passion

Is your launching pad

Some will think your goal

Is unrealistic

But you know better

Because your eyes are set

On the next level

You know that you are

Here to guide someone else

To their treasure

But to do that you first

Have to reach

To the next level

Some will believe in you

But you will have to

Believe in you…

The next level will take discipline, dedication, determination back by focus and hard work. The thing is, you too can do it.

There is no need to be scared because you have it you to be successful. They only thing that you may not yet aware of, is the magnitude of the success that you are capable of achieving.

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2 responses to “The Next Level

  1. I strongly believe that achieving our goals and excelling, standing out means believing with unwavering condition in the ‘next level’ principle that you speak of here Richard.

    ‘Next Level’ has become a cornerstone of my own business, and indeed in my writing endeavours as well. I go the extra mile to achieve Next Level for my clients and my readership because they deserve better than average…they deserve the best I can be each and every day working on their behalf. ‘Next Level’ is a staple of my website commitment to superior client services. My attachment and affinity for the English language and its applications transcends boundaries and I endeavour to do better Today than I did yesterday…it’s a matter of intense personal aspirations and motivation.

    Richard, your comments today brought about my recall of training and directing a staff of 70+, many of them still students in school, as Operations Manager for a large company a few years ago. Their work was menial, often unpleasant, physically demanding and minimal in terms of their pay…least of all much fun. I would walk through their buildings on inspection and escalate my praise of aspects of their work well done.

    Still, it didn’t seem enough to truly motivate until one day I walked into the boardroom at the start of their shift. I had an idea and instead of my usual dry talk about what went well the previous day and what I needed to see improvement on I proposed this:

    I handed out a pen and paper to each employee and gave them a challenge. That challenge was for each individual to write down on the sheet of paper their name and ONE thing that they would focus on doing better today than they did yesterday. They looked confused but did as I asked and handed in their paper. I then asked that they keep that task in mind for the entire shift and challenge themselves to do that task better than yesterday.

    Off the staff went, quietly, mulling over my comments and challenge. Throughout their shift I passed through each member’s area of responsibility and checked for the item they had noted on their sheet. I made notes and carried on.

    The next day I opened the staff meeting with the usual greetings and one by one, seven staff on this team, I commented on how well their noted task had been performed and that the clients would be thrilled…as the staff should well be as well. I was overwhelmed by the positive, smiling responses I got. I did indeed receive very positive feedback from the clients. The staff meetings from that day forward were a wonderful experience and my challenge remained a daily one…they had discovered how good it felt to focus on achieving the ‘Next Level’.

    Those young and aspiring people had discovered just how much effort it would take to achieve ‘Next Level’ and the pride of accomplishment when I read written emails from our clients in praise of their efforts. For me, nothing could have been more empowering…and gratifying.

  2. Reblogged this on Don MacIver; Poetry & Verse and commented:
    Richard A. Cross shares inspired words here on the dynamic principles of taking our daily performance and objectives to the ‘Next Level’! Experience the empowering, motivational words of Richard Cross. What will YOU do NEXT LEVEL today?!

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