Be The Purpose

Be The Purpose

Be the purpose

And you may ask

How can I be

A question at one point

That puzzled me

But the moment

I realized the truth

Was already inside of me

So my purpose

Wasn’t something

For me to find

But to realize that I am

The purpose

A philosophy that

Guides me

As I embark and focus

On being

It wasn’t long before

My purpose consumed me

Again you may ask

How can that be

It was because I know

I am who I am

And anything 

I attached I am to

I become

Even that at first

Was hard to understand

But I went along

With what was in my heart

And to be of service

Was a conscious choice

That needed

To be recognized

So if you know where

Your heart is

You’ll know that’s

Where your purpose is

And to remind you

Your purpose is not

In the future

If you think that’s

Where it is

You may overlook

What you are here to do

And to make the process


You should recognize what

You already have

And by you doing so

You won’t have to wait

On a particular wind

Because that which you seek

Is already a part of you

You are what you say you are. What do you say you are?

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” Robert F. Kennedy

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4 responses to “Be The Purpose

  1. Great Poem…….This is your year Richard. Continue to open your heart
    and that is where you will find your kingdom…..All of us is a reflection
    of the I AM……God Is Love!

    • Thanks Greg. I love what you are saying here. You just confirm the feeling that I’ve been having.

      In fact, “OPEN HEART” that’s how I write as I seldom choose what to write. It’s like what to right always present itself.

      I AM inspired!

      Have a bless one!

  2. “Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life is impossible.”
    Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) Russian writer.

    Self-awareness is such a critical part of that discovery of one’s purpose. Some will spend a near lifetime seeking out that purpose. I chose long ago to follow my instinct and intuition and it has become increasingly clear what I was meant to do with this lifetime. That great sense of awareness is in itself powerful steps in the journey.

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