Through My Own Eyes

Through My Own Eyes (2)

As I see it

And this is not

A matter of whom

The cap fits

This is through

My own eyes

Sometimes we see

The same things

But I do see

So many people

Letting the opinions

Of others

Control their next move

Even without them

Make an attempt

Of which causes them

To conform to their

Composer groove

Step forward in faith

You have nothing to lose

I also see

Others who are a shame

Of their past failures

Within the next few lines

I hope to give some answers

But what you must know

Is that it says past

Not future

So your abilities

Can still be nurtured

Let’s take a look

At procrastination

In fact

It is the worst nation

Because the best time to do what

You are supposed to do

Is now

But you must realize

That you are

A very important

Component of the how

Let’s take a walk

Down another lane

Not to complain

But some people

Overlooked the positive things

In their lives

Don’t even realize

That they’ll never be happy that way

So from now on

You want to have

Gratitude on your resume

At one point

I was guilty of this one

I use to run away

From my problems

It had stopped me

From getting ahead

Because I drop and play dead

It wasn’t before I address them

My life started to blossom

So don’t run from

Your problems

Because they won’t go away

If you don’t face them

Don’t let a past failure hold you hostage.

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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