The Talk

The Talk

The talk

Have you had one

The one that can help you

Decipher your future plan

The talk

In which you are

Totally honest

Of which you don’t want to

Break your promise

The talk

That you forget the ego

And let go

Because others will be able

To talk to a more open you

The talk

That allows you to express yourself

Without judgment

Which makes it easier to have

Self-love as a part of your

Personal statement

The talk

That allows you to share

Without feeling guilty

By all means you should

Feel free to express your ability

The talk

With those that you love

About the reasons to love

The talk

About forgiveness

And self-love

The talk

About the things that are

Important to you

Because you are important too

The talk

That will shed light

On your future endeavors

Because there is

No need to wait forever

The talk

About future plans

That can make it easier

To make

Those connections

The talk

That will help you to find out

What is the next person interest

Which is a reminder that

It is not a contest

The talk

That will allow you

To have a deeper


As things will become

Much easier

With good communication

And if you haven’t had one

In a longtime

Now is the right time…

 Once we can take the time to talk, share our differences and share our similarities is when we’ll be able to have better conversation with each other. 

Take the the time to talk and you’ll see how much more you understand and you too will be understood.

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “The Talk

  1. Have those talks is really very self-empowering. We need the reaffirmation of dreams, our own capabilities, our desires. I have always been a good listener but more than ever rely on the positive experience of those talks.

    Thank you Richard. You bring wonderful perspective.

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