Think Like The Successful

You Don't Have To Born... (1)

“When you put your efforts into your gift, you are giving God something to bless.” ― Steve Harvey

Are they smarter than you?

Not really. The difference is that they may just think differently from the way you think. It is evident that thinking in a certain way will enhance the possibility of you accomplishing more out of life. Why? Just look around you and you’ll see individuals from the environment/background that are similar who have achieved more than the other. To be smarter I believe is to select that thing you love and give your all to it. Make connection with like-minded individuals. Act is if you want what you say you want. Remember that a failure in not final. Treat every mishap as valuable experience. Eliminate the use of excuses because they’ll only hold you back and it is very important that you respect yourself.

Don’t doubt the possibility of you making it.

You want to create a better life for yourself but get up every day doubting the possibility of it ever happening is just crazy.  You may have heard the saying if you think you’re beaten, you are. So, don’t think you are beaten! Check history and you’ll see that none of those who succeed in life doubt the possibility of them being successful. However, some may say that they were before they realized that it was them who was stopping them from achieving what is possible. It was through that awareness that they change the way they think and then things began to change. You must believe in the possibility.

 Set yourself S.M.A.R.T goals.

In regards to your goals, you want to make it S.M.A.R.T. Your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant and should be anchored to a time frame in which you wanted to accomplish your goal. A goal need a plan – a step-by-step plan and the plan that you create to accomplish your desired goal should be tailored to you. After your goal is tailored to you, you must get in the mindset of giving your desired goal the time and effort it will need in order to make it a reality. You want to be optimistic in your approach. You want to align yourself with like-minded individuals. You want to let go of any disbelief of why the goal maybe impossible. Set your standards and stick with it.

Focus your energy.

Commit yourself to something and focus your energy on that which you want to accomplish. Remember, you can’t be everywhere, do everything and know everybody. By focusing your energy on the important things in your life you’ll see greater improvement in those areas in a shorter time than being all over the place trying to do everything that present itself.

Don’t be the smartest in your group.

Don’t be afraid to be challenged. Being around others who make you stretch will help you to improve on you. It is wise to know that we don’t know it all and even the things we thing we know can still be improve upon. If you haven’t already you want to start hanging around other people who stretch you, make you think and challenged you think you on what you already think know.

Think outside the box!

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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2 responses to “Think Like The Successful

  1. Richard, I love that your close always includes reference to possibilities and going beyond limitations! After all, is that not the whole premise for climbing every mountain, realizing our dreams?

    I love to see your readers’ comments and encourage everyone that visits to take part in the commenting/conversational aspect of your inspiration and mentoring Richard. By commenting, our focus on your message increases tenfold…an affirmation of what you are saying and what we want to achieve for ourselves.

    It is so easy to be negative…no effort in that at all. The real challenge, and it’s not that difficult, is to focus on positive, constructive aspects of our lives, our successes and what achievement is yet to come…our goal is our greatest measure of accomplishment and what we work towards each and every day…unwavering.

    So much of what you share Richard comes down to self-realization, self-awareness of who we are, what we want and desire, and where we aspire to go moving forward into our future. If we haven’t got a clear focus on all of that we are without direction…the skipper of the ship without a compass…floundering on an open sea.

    Thank you once again Richard for being our inspiration…and so often our compass!

    • Yes Don we are all capable, but we have to realize that we are… and be willing to go the extra mile because sometimes it just don’t happen shortly after we think about it.
      Have a bless weekend.

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