BeYou! (1)


I guess I’m not

So don’t judge me

Because I barely follow

The rules

Back when I was a child

I color outside of the lines

I got punished

A few times

Then I conformed

Stop being me

I guess that is what

Constitute being normal was

That behavior caused me

To lose interest in coloring

Because it was no longer fun

Then I found myself on a journey

Of hiding me

The part that was supposed to

Change the status quo

But I was stuck within the lines

And I couldn’t grow

Then one day it struck me

And I questioned  

Who created those rules

Because if we are all unique

There is something

Unique about each of us

That is to be shared

And even if we do the same thing

I believe

We should not be afraid to share it

Our way

Don’t suppress your creativity by conforming to a set rule, that rule too was created and if we are suppose to create then we must create.

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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4 responses to “Normal

  1. Normal is utterly impossible to define just as are success and happiness. Many of the great thinkers and innovators of the past were considered abnormal by their contemporaries. Norms typically evolve over extended periods of time. Norms are like the jet plane flying at mach II and the sound trailing behind symbolizes their general acceptance. The bottom line is people want creativity and change yet cling to the established norms that make their lives more predictable and secure in general.

  2. I’ve observed, Richard, that anyone I have met or become aware of in this life that was hugely successful mapped their own destiny by being unique, by finding new and better ways to achieve…far beyond what most would consider or dare to attempt themselves.

    What great artist in history and to this day ever paints inside the lines? What great thinker ever has focus and ambitions with finite parameters? It is ingenuity and originality that sets us apart, makes us stand out in such unique ways. What of successful inventors of our time and in centuries past? They were bold and innovative.

    When I write I always focus on alternative and unique ways of expressing ideas in a compelling, engaging way that helps me to stand out. We need rules in a structured, civilized country yet we can set new boundaries when it comes to achieving successful paths in life. We can never be criticized for striving to make others’ lives better along the way.

    As a creative and professional writer my entire focus is on next level delivery…that can’t happen through traditional, marginalized thinking.

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