You Are

YouAre... (1)

You are strong

But you may not aware of it

So hold on

You are magnificent

But you may not have embraced it

Now is the time

You are courageous

But you may not have believed it

It begins

With your first step

You are talented

But you may not have been acting on it

The truth is

The world needs it

You are special

But you may not have fully accepted it

It’s time to fully embrace you

You are awesome

But you may not have realized it

It’s your time to shine and

Now is the best time

You are powerful

But you may not have been showing it

Now is the time to be

What you are capable of being

You are that which you say you are. As of today, what will you be saying that you are?

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

Thank you for your support!

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4 responses to “You Are

  1. i get so much pleasure out of reading your blog. please know that it brings positive vibes into my life. i may not comment everyday, but i do read everyday and it is helping me recover and get back on my feet. thank you.

  2. Thanks Victoria I am glad you enjoy reading and that what I share is helping you to get back on your feet. I greatly appreciate YOU taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

    Wish you all the best in your recovery!


  3. It’s wonderful to see comments like Victoria’s here Richard! You instill a lot of confidence. That first step can seem like a giant one but once that first step is over and done with confidence builds in a tremendous way, especially when the outcome of that first step has positive results.

    What you share is a powerfully engaging perspective that helps people to focus and they surely relate to your messages each day…I certainly have!

    • Yes! Yes! For one I enjoy sharing as for the most part I just allow what come be my post for the day.

      Don your unwavering support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

      Don I feel once you (we-us) can muster the courage great things will indeed happen and the TRUTH is that we all have the COURAGE. Most of us just don’t realize it as yet.

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