The Crossroad – Navigate Your Way Better



This crossroad has

No lights

No signs

No indication of what to do

This next move is on you

It will take a conscious choice

Only a decision to make

Even though the answer

Is in your heart

It can still be a hard

To make the next move

The feeling

Is not because you are lost

It could be

Because you are confused

Have you stopped

To think on what you are thinking

That feeling you been having

Can cause you to be exhaust

But at this deciding juncture

You don’t want to have a puncture

To counteract the feeling

Is going to be dependent on what you do

With your next move

The good thing about it all

It is solely on you

So don’t be scared

Although to you it maybe

More than just a move


Because in your heart

To you

It will either make you

Or break you

You are at the crossroad

What are you going to do

You may be wondering who will be hurt after you make your decision being that you are at the crossroad but what you may not be paying attention to is the fact that you may be hurting you.

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

Thank you for your support!

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4 responses to “The Crossroad – Navigate Your Way Better

  1. I believe I was at the crossroads for quite some time before I made the decision to proceed straight ahead in new directions. I felt that I needed to change my life for the sake of myself and my wife yet was torn about leaving a career-long profession.

    I think our biggest fear is stepping out of our comfort zone…the secure job, the steady paycheque, the benefits and more. When it really was time for me to make a change the decision came surprisingly easy. I knew then that I had to take a leap of faith to explore the great possibilities…I wanted to be a part of that too!

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