When I Think About Life

When I think about life (1)

What do you think about

When you think about life?

When I think about life

I can’t help but be thankful

For those who are more than a handful.

But in my thinking at times

I do get confused,

But that doesn’t stop me

From thinking about YOU.

I will not forget

Those WHO have


And for YOU who have shown me LOVE.


I can’t help but think on how FAR I have come.

I use to think on how far I had to GO,

But that was no fun.

Overwhelmed and confused I was,

So when I think about life

I try my very best to be positive

And present as much as I can,

So I can pick up on my guide

Because this is a JOURNEY.

I do think

At times on some of the things


They help to reinforce how strong



You’ll see that you too

Are strong.

When I think about LIFE

I do think

How interconnected


I do think about this a lot –

When will each

Individual be seen as EQUAL?

When you think about life, what are you really thinking about?

It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

Thank you for your support!

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5 responses to “When I Think About Life

  1. Very well said Richard. Equality amongst humanity seems an abstract state of being to me. We espouse the virtues of equality and the goodness of expressing and believing in it yet there remain so many who harbour doubts, prejudices, ill-conceived notions and misconceptions of others.

    My thoughts about life are so often in the moment as it unfolds and my responses to those moments. I observe others interacting, some negatively, angered, vindictive…and still others who approach life and their fellow man and woman with a touch of grace, a respect and resonant love for life and open admiration for the efforts and sensibilities of others.

    Indeed, we have much to be thankful for in those who have touched our lives in positive, reassuring, caring and mentoring ways that inspire us to reach out in much the same manner. Family, friends, colleagues, relatives, even complete strangers can impact our lives in a positive way to the extent that we want to emulate their outlook as our own.

    As we face life as it unfolds we discover just how strong and resilient we are. We learn how to cope, manage, respond and confront life head on. Perhaps our greatest measure of equality will be in the laying down of arms, retraction of prejudice and malice aforethought and begin to repatriate our greatest of commonalities…a human virtue most worthy of saving.

    Thank you once again Richard for your articulation of inner strength and values that lay within each and every one of us…and your consistent and persistent focus on helping us be all that we can be.

    • You are welcome Don and thanks again Don for the reinforcement of what was shared.

      I believe somethings takes time, but what we don’t want to do as people is to give up oh hope especially when things seems as if it is not improving.

      We have to just keep the momentum going. Thank again Don!

      Have a bless one.

  2. Love it! Very true! #gratitude

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