2 responses to “Log In To Your Account – This Is Why

  1. Seeing your words here, Richard, I reflect back to not so long ago when I came to a life-altering decision.

    For the past thirty years of my career I had always worked for someone else, public and private sector, and though I often thought it would be a great challenge and fulfilling to transition to running my own business there was always something holding me back. Perhaps I didn’t look deep enough for the answer, perhaps there was a fear of failure.

    Regardless, I began to assess where I was in my career and personal life and what I wanted moving forward. I was getting tired of so many typical obstacles and frustrations of traditional career opportunities, my chosen profession and though successful it just wasn’t enough.

    I dug deeper than I had ever done before, somewhat apprehensive about whether I was up for such a great challenge. For the longest time I think that I was assessing my abilities by looking from an outside perspective, my own perspective, yet not wholly focused in my own mind. Ultimately I decided that I WAS going to start up my own venture, that I WAS indeed capable of doing so.

    I possessed belief in myself, for my motives, my motivations, my expectations, my goals, and the further along I got in the early business development stages the more confidence I had, the more I BELIEVED in myself, in what I wanted and where I WAS going to go.

    It’s amazing just how much belief in one’s self develops with every successful step along the way, however large or small those steps might be.

    Richard, the perspective that you share with us each and every day is powerful motivation and affirmation of what is possible, what we can achieve. Understanding the process through your words makes the big picture all the clearer. Many thanks for your demonstrative belief and perseverance…it truly makes a difference.

    • Thanks Don your feedback is greatly appreciated!

      I am glad that these post have being inspiring and motivating you!

      It is with great pleasure that I share with the world what I have come to realize about the possibilities in life.


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