What Others Are Saying About “Going Beyond Limitations” – Review: Exploring Possibilities

Today I embarked on the journey that unfolds through your inspired words that resonate throughout ‘Going Beyond Limitations’. Book review by Don MacIver

going_beyond_limitations_3D1“Going Beyond Limitations; Your Dream Is Possible”

If I were asked to offer summation to the inspired work of Richard A. Cross through his newly released ‘Going Beyond Limitations; Your Dream Is Possible’, in a word that summation would be ‘discovery’.

From his touching dedication of this treasured writing to his beloved mother to his final closing remarks, Richard Cross engages his readers through powerful affirmations on living life to the fullest, appreciating all that we have and empowering us to pursue our greater goals, aspirations and dreams.

The author shares essential principals that reinforce our release of perceived personal limitations and embracing change in the pursuit of the many possibilities in our lives. We discover how we can get beyond not only our own perceived limitations but also those we encounter through our professional and societal experiences as well. It all begins with our taking that first critical step toward achieving what we want in life.

Through the moving, inspired words of Richard Cross we discover how to “believe in the possibility of dreams” through his empowering question “are you ready?” The author develops an engaging and compelling message through his own personal insights, thought enriching and inspired quotes with an ample reinforcement through his own remarkably inspired reflections of how his own childhood and young adult years shaped his inner strength and character and the sheer determination to “never settling for less.”

Within this volume discover eleven life-changing principals through Richard A. Cross, truly inspired annotations on taking our lives to the next level. I was deeply touched by this author’s uncovering of the numerous ways we hold ourselves back through our own thought processes. I learned unequivocally that each of us has great potential and inner strength to achieve our goals, our dreams…but first we need to “own our dreams and believe in them beyond all else.”

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Don MacIver, Editor, Writer, Author, Poet West Kelowna, BC, Canada

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It is possible to go beyond limitations. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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4 responses to “What Others Are Saying About “Going Beyond Limitations” – Review: Exploring Possibilities

  1. Richard, such an honour to contribute this review of ‘Going Beyond Limitations’, its title aptly reflecting your inspired content and surely the core principle connecting essential elements of discovery on the journey to a better life for ourselves.

    I’m doubly honoured that you have shared this review here on your wonderful website. Embracing values that help us to realize our own true potential is a powerful step in the right direction. Your dedication to helping others take their lives to the next level is highly commendable.

    Thank you for instilling ‘Going Beyond Limitations’ which has inspired my greater focus on so many aspects of my personal and professional life, the power of change and the excitement of new beginnings.

    Best wishes for your continued success as you continue on this marvelous journey where the possibilities are indeed without limitation.

  2. I appreciate your contribution Don. Thank you.

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