Got A Minute?


Got a minute

I hope you do

Because if you want better

Some things

Have to change

You may have to ask yourself

The question

But it’s time to birth you

That you

You’ll be able to trust

That you

Others will trust

To get there

Something will have to give

Because you don’t want

The past to interfere with

The present

But only you can decide

What is holding you back

I hope you have that minute

To think about you

It’s time for your healing

Because you deserve to be

The best you

The way we communicate to others matters, but vitally important is how we communicate with ourselves.


Thank you for your support!

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5 responses to “Got A Minute?

  1. I love it! In order to get with what’s really going on with us we must take the time to ask ourselves some important questions.

    But too often we don’t STOP what we’re doing. All the answers to life’s problems is on the inside. We just need to ask ourselves the right questions then look within for the solution.

    Thanks this was right on time!

    • Thanks Vernon and you are right, we’ll get the answers if we will just ask ourselves the right questions. Also, what is very important after we have asked ourselves the questions is that we should not be afraid to act on the answers we get.

      Vernon appreciate the feedback!

      Have a bless one.

  2. Change would seem one of the most challenging things we humans have to face over the course of our lives. We develop perceptions of how our life should be, what we aspire to be and have in this world.

    Life, like the pitcher at the ball diamond, tends to throw some pretty challenging curve balls our way and we need to meet those challenges head on or decide on new directions.

    We find ourselves in a comfort zone through much of our lives and to accept change is, for some, asking too much. But that desire for change has to come from deep within and not from external pressure to do so. I recall a time when I was still a smoker. I increasingly loathed the habit, what it was costing me and especially what it was doing to my health.

    It wasn’t until one day, through the inspiration of another, that I dug down deep and decided that I WAS GOING to quit. I was not going to TRY to quit again. That thirty seconds of deep down desire was a tremendous catalyst for change.

    Not long ago I made a life-altering decision for a major career change after a successful thirty-year tenure in my chosen profession. Why? Because I wanted better…for me, for my loved ones…and when I really focused on that on a deeply personal level the decision to make that change happen was not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated.

    I have one implicit rule in my life…look back only to know from whence I came. With that exception to the rule I look forward unwaveringly to a successful future and the changes necessary to get where I’m going.

    Thank you Richard for always inspiring ‘better’!

  3. Don thanks for sharing your feed back and thoughts on how you have and the importance of digging deep down within oneself so that what is possible will come to life. I believe to change takes courage especially if you have become accustom to live a certain way.

    I love that implicit rule…”look back only to known from whence I came”

    Have a bless one!

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