Puzzled About Your Purpose


Finding your purpose

Is not as hard as you think

You may be afraid

But not consciously aware

That you are

Your purpose is already in your DNA

You don’t have to go looking for it

So don’t make looking outside of you

Your method for finding it

Finding it outside is just in your head

Stop this very moment

Go back in time


What were some of the things

You have found joy in

To that is what your purpose is related

What happens is that you grow and forget

But your purpose didn’t leave you

If you can recognize it

Doing so will free you

Although some will not understand

And you don’t have to explain

But when you do find it

You should give your whole

Heart and soul to it

What you must know

Finding it alone will not give you

The freedom you want

Thoughts of quitting will surface and

That’s okay

What will take you past those thoughts

You have it in you

If I were you without delay

I would start today

Do what set your soul on fire

Then your whole life will be rewired

Because you’ll be

In the process of connecting the dots

Dots that will ignite your purpose

Then you’ll see that it is not that hard

If you can remember

What brought you immense joy as a child

You’ll be well on your way


Don’t let it stop you

You’ll see when you push on through

So don’t forget

That your purpose is always with you

Hoping that you come back

To that inner child which is ever present

In you

Finding your purpose should not be on the basis of what others are going to think, especially if what you are doing brings fire to your soul.


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2 responses to “Puzzled About Your Purpose

  1. A wonderful expression of your inspired thoughts once again Richard.

    What started out fourteen years ago was strictly a pleasurable pastime for me yet all these years later that pastime developed into a passion that others responded to in a powerful way. From their powerful affirmations I began to recognize what my purpose was, at least in this time, in my own way. What a revelation that was and it drives my desire to fulfil that purpose.

    I have always worked with a passion and strong inner drive, Richard, yet now, in making changes to satisfy that purpose I find that I do indeed put my heart and soul into it and the wonderful thing is that I am seeing very positive results in return.

    And, amazingly, in seeing your thoughts here, Richard, I reflect back to my youth while in school and, yes, I did enjoy the writings of others yet I did not pursue writing those many years ago…though my entire career was dependent on effective writing skills that I would draw upon nearly every moment of my working life. People responded so well to my writing, business writing but still…and was perhaps a catalyst in beginning some fourteen years ago what would ultimately change my life.

    I think many of us go through a period of life circumstances that eventually influence how we look at our life, a period of discovery about ourselves and just why we came into this world and what purpose we would nourish and blossom from and through.

  2. Thanks again Don. In regards to what you share here on giving your heart and soul into what you are doing and the positive results you have been getting. That is in fact how we should approach what we are passionate about.

    Also, as I normally share with others about their purpose that they don’t need to go looking for it. It is always with them as you state with your writing. Haven’t pursue your writing earlier in life but you have always been using it.

    Have a bless one Don.

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