We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link

The link that needs to be strengthened must first be recognized.

going_beyond_limitations_3D1It is time to identify what has been stopping you from achieving the things you want out of life. What do you feel is your weakness? Are you willing to confront that which is weak? It is imperative that you address your weakness especially if that known weakness will either make or break you. You may just need to do one thing differently. What could that one thing be? Remember, you are as strong as your weakest link, but first you must recognize the link. We all can make progress in life and the truth is that we all can achieve more out of life than what we have already achieved.

Start creating your dream today! 

By becoming aware you can strengthen your weakest link.

I have shared 11 principles in my book Going Beyond Limitations that have helped me to achieve goals I never once thought I could have achieved. I am one of those people who was told that they would not amount to anything. I have proven to the doubters that they were wrong and now I want you to go pass any limiting beliefs you may have. The time has come to recognize what may have been stopping you.

It is now up to you.

I don’t want you to stop believing in yourself or believing in the possibility of what is possible for you. Therefore, I will take this time to remind you!


Thank you for your support!

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4 responses to “We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link

  1. Perhaps one of the most difficult, and avoided, aspects of seeking positive change is looking at ourselves deep down inside, especially when it comes to facing our own weaknesses.

    Fourteen years ago I did some real soul searching Richard and what I saw was not entirely attractive to me. I saw that avoidance and until I confronted it honestly and realistically I couldn’t move forward and for me, staying the same and doing the same for the rest of my life was NOT an option.

    Striving for positive change in our lives is critical engagement…of ourselves. We cannot fear our weakness…we have to overcome that weakness however unpleasant the journey in order that we can move on…undistracted, unobstructed and with a clear view of where we want to take our lives.

    I found ‘Going Beyond Limitations’ powerful affirmation Richard and the 11 Steps you refer to as essential as the food we eat and the air we breathe. The mind, heart and soul are remarkably powerful tools in our personal arsenal…we just need to be receptive to discovering who we really are, what we want and what steps to take to get where we’re going.

    Let’s face it…weakness is only a state of mind…

    • Don I love how you summed up your comment at the end. “weakness is only a state of mind”.

      That’s what I found out some time ago and I then get busy approaching life with a positive attitude and although I made some mistakes, I was better off in the long run.

      I glad I have been making a positive impact in your life as well as others.

      Thank YOU Don your feedback is greatly appreciated!

      • You’re most welcome Richard. That quote may sound oversimplified yet it’s true…our own perceptions and beliefs will either fuel our energies in a very positive direction or sabotage our chances for moving forward. I’ve seen the very negative side in others to their great frustration and defeat. We are the masters of our own destiny.

        Your insight has indeed had a most positive and inspired influence on my own outlook Richard. People need frequent affirmations of what is possible in order for them to reach out to greater possibilities.

      • Thank you Don. Indeed the perception we hold of our life matters.

        Have a bless one!

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