Some Do Wonder

What is your perception-

You seem to have it all together

Nothing to worry about

Back then I use to

Not now

Worrying doesn’t make sense

I once worry for months

Wasted a lot of time

They said worry is like a rocking chair

It is true

Because when I use to worry

I didn’t end up anywhere

So I stopped

Concentrate on something


Then I become more creative

I won’t lie

I did some soul searching

Some still wonder

Where I get the idea

I still don’t have the explanation

But a desire

The process does allow me to heal

What I know for sure

Is that I am inspired

This drive

Has taken me to another place

Your heart has the answer, it’s not in your head


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2 responses to “Some Do Wonder

  1. Aside from the benefit of your post, Richard, my immediate observation is in the number of visitors here who connected with your comments…we all have worries and stressors in our lives and it’s not easy to strike a balance.

    A skeptic’s first response to your thoughts here might be “that’s easier said than done”. A huge part of my career has entailed constant pressure and stress, unrelenting over a thirty year period, an endemic element of my prior chosen career field. On top of that my work load and daily hours were horrendous. Add to that the highly stressful nature of the work meant for a deadly mix for many of my associates and ultimately began to affect me physically and mentally.

    Worry loomed heavy as blackening storm clouds, menacing, threatening. Worry leads to unproductive distraction and often results in illness which only leads to even more worry, stress and anxiety obsessing over what is not getting done while being away from our work while away sick.

    The more rested, relaxed and clearer we are mentally, and the stronger we are physically, ultimately helps us to achieve much more with better results. I found that I realized great relief from worry by determining my greatest priorities and focusing on tasks exclusively before moving on. Having checkmarks beside individual items on a daily to-do list felt much more rewarding and organized than having dozens of outstanding to-do’s and no check marks…for those check marks translated into an ever-shorter to-do list…and relief from worry!

    • Thanks Don. As you states here that having balance can be sometime a challenge but it is imperative that we don’t worry about the things we have no control over.
      From your own experience you have seen how powerful it is to check things off as you get them done. Checklist will indeed relief one of stress.

      Have a bless one Don.

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