Share Your Feedback About Energize Your Thoughts?

@RichardCrossEYT (1)Thanks for being on this amazing journey with me.

I would like to hear your feedback on what you have being getting from your visit of my web-blog.

Share your thoughts today!

As this year is closing out and now approaching the new I am now lacing my boot strings tight as I am getting ready to motivate, inspire, encourage, challenge and  empower many more people.

What is your challenge going to be? The reward is in the challenge.

I am looking forward to an amazing year and I hope you do too. This year has been wonderful not only because of the progress I have made but the opportunity I get to share with you and also the opportunity to grow as a person.

Remember, YOU can make a difference – WE can make a difference.

Let’s make a difference!


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “Share Your Feedback About Energize Your Thoughts?

  1. Richard, I must say that I have gained invaluable insight and perspective since my first visit here to engage in your messages, your philosophy, your own inspired perspective.

    From the title of your blog here to the hugely empowering title and content of ‘Going Beyond Limitations’ I have realized a renewed sense of motivation and positive, empowering perspective. Absorbing your many insights in relation to my own personal and professional life experiences has meant a powerful affirmation of many aspects of my most recent career transition to a self-directed and owned business entity.

    Your positive perspective is ever timely Richard and you clearly demonstrate through your own experiences and achievements just how much potential we all have if we only believe wholeheartedly in ourselves and give ourselves permission to change the way we see and do things in order to realize our greatest potential.

    People my age, in our mid-fifties, may be inclined to believe that they have so much experience that they know it all. An inquisitive and open mind would clearly tell us otherwise. If the former were true then why do so many of us feel a sense of frustration at this stage in our lives for the level of achievements we have or have not realized…and why.

    Perhaps the greatest single benefit that I have derived from your diverse range of insights, Richard, is that many of us harbor a vast resource of untapped potential and it’s just waiting to be discovered…but we have to be willing to look deep within ourselves to understand our true strengths and weaknesses before we can move forward to a better place in our lives. How emotionally charged and empowering is that?!

    I have gone through much of that process, Richard, and your passion for purpose and setting the bar ever-higher has reaffirmed in my own mind that it is never too late strive to achieve a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. I am also learning the great importance of dispensing with any lingering negativity I may harbor and its hinderance of those many great possibilities of which you speak.

    All that being said, Richard, my ultimate response to your invitation to share our experience through your inspired dedication to helping others realize their true potential through your perspective would be that each morning when I rise, instead of looking upon my business day with some degree of loathing for the tasks at hand I take my position at my desk with a very real sense of being ‘energized’ and inspired…ready and eager to tackle the day head on…so much to your own credit.

    For that and so much more I thank you most greatfuly. Just imagine how much better our world could and will be as you reach more and more people searching for answers, wishing for something better. You can feel very proud of what you accomplish here each and every day with your inspired words Richard…you are indeed making a difference!

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