How To See Change As A Positive Thing

Change as Possibility (1)The start of a new year brings with it a lot of things: commitments, resolutions, goals and changes. While this is a perfect way to start a brand new year, the idea of changing what we already have can be a scary thought. We take this moment to reflect on the need for change in our lives and how we can overcome the anxiety that accompanies it.

Why Is It Needed and How to Accept Change?

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”- Charles Darwin.

While it is one of the most difficult things you can attempt, the idea of dealing with change is also the single most important tool for personal growth and improvement. Whether at your workplace or your personal life, the only way to grow and move forward is by accepting that things will not remain the same.

You might be wondering how to deal with change without spiraling into phases of anxiety or stress. Here are some of the basic ways in which you can implement a positive outlook on change: See change as a challenge and opportunity; focus on the positives; gradual progression and appreciation.

See Change as a Challenge and Opportunity:

Many of us fall into the trap of the blame-game. If the change leaves damage instead of benefits we are quick to devolve into guilt or anger. Instead of following the path to negative thoughts view the situation as a challenge. In fact, one of the ways to embrace change is by comparing it to the most difficult challenges that you have faced in your life. How you coped with changes then and what followed as a result is a perfect way of making sure that you see the current wave of change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Focus on the Positives:

All things have pros and cons. Any sort of change takes some time getting used to. Rather than dwell on the negatives, see change as a challenge that has to be overcome. If you can shift your focus towards what you can do it will allow you to be more adaptable, strong and creative. Furthermore, this increases your chances of learning something new instead of dwelling on the past. Reframing change as an opportunity is the perfect way of cultivating a positive mindset.

Gradual Progression:

One way to deal with any sort of alteration is to break it down to smaller details. What this does is it allows you to deal with change effectively while minimizing feelings of being overwhelmed. If it is an unexpected work project, break it down into components and delegate rather than trying to solve the entire thing by yourself. This prevents stress and will allow you to appreciate the change as a learning experience.


The key to developing a positive outlook on change is to develop appreciation for every little thing as it is now. In that sense, accepting change is necessary and doing so ensure that you are living life in the present moment and not stressing over the possibilities and what will come tomorrow. The awareness that things could alter any minute is crucial in cultivating gratitude and appreciation for the present as it is.

You cannot stop change but you can do your best with change.

Whether good or bad, one of the best thing you can do to help you move on is to focus constantly on positive and acceptance that everything changes. The mindset for change has to arise within you and is often accompanied by relentless positivity and fearlessness.

Are you ready to give the New Year all you got?


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2 responses to “How To See Change As A Positive Thing

  1. Most of us view change as a challenge and it would seem that by natural tendency, as we age we are less and less receptive to change so it would seem that the key to accepting and embracing change is very much in the HERE and NOW!

    I love your visual that accompanies this post Richard! Eliminating “impossible” from our thoughts and vocabulary has to be a critical starting point to accepting change. Our perspective often reflects how we perceive our own capabilities and limitations and for some individuals “impossible” immediately comes to mind. That kind of self-defeating outlook is what holds us back from pursuing our goals, our dreams.

    Your new book “Going Beyond Limitations” addresses this issue so wonderfully Richard! We develop our own personal mindset as life goes on and through that mindset we establish our “strengths” and “weaknesses” as the sole basis for determining how far we can go in achieving our aspirations. In doing so we quickly ‘settle’ on those self-imposed limitations and become our own worst enemy in terms of striving to achieve more!

    I have learned through yourself and through experience, Richard, to constantly challenge myself to develop a more open-minded perspective and while appreciating all that I have achieved and acquired in life I must not lose focus on so much that I still want to change and improve about my life…both personally and professionally.

    I may feel a sense of initial apprehension just before making a change but once that desired change takes place in a successful way I feel such a great sense of empowerment and inspired enthusiasm to keep pursuing better for my life. The affirmation of knowing that I ‘can’ effect change and positive improvement in my life really has helped me to view things in a much different way than I did in years past.

    Accepting and embracing change is the first and most positive step in realizing we can have more, that we can better our lives simply by ‘changing’ our own perspective.

  2. Well said Don. It is in the change we’ll find that great is possible. For the month of January I have been to 2 seminars and the fundamentals were to navigate our way through change because we cannot stop change. Once we can accept change as you close your feed back, we will definitely get more out of life.

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