The Wall You Didn’t Wanted To Encounter

We have to change the tape. (1)“I am ready to take life on” and with enthusiasm you shared.

You have made your mind up. You say you are ready but you didn’t realize that it was not going to fall directly in place as you have planned. It is cold. They didn’t call as planned. My shift at work as changed and the list goes on. Well, I hope it is not you who have ran into the wall. It’s too early to stop that which you decided to achieve.

There will come a point in life when we all have to face that which we have been avoiding in order to go beyond where we always stop when we feel pressured. 

It is not as you have expected, you have to be consistent. It is even harder than what you have anticipated; therefore, you have to do a little more than the usual. What will help you to go beyond the wall is you have a big dream and if you do, the problem doesn’t matter.

Don’t be disappointed because of the unexpected that you may encounter when you are in pursuit of your goal because it may help you to awaken the giant that is within you.

Unexpected does happens and therefore, I hope you have your WHY locked in. Your why is going to be very important because life is not going to say that you are hardworking and pardon you. Be ready to show that you are really ready. However, if you have a big dream the problem doesn’t matter, your dream will override whatever problems may come your way. Sorry to tell you though, those problems may come. With that be said; don’t forget WHY you have started in the first place.

Don’t only look, step forward with faith!


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4 responses to “The Wall You Didn’t Wanted To Encounter

  1. Great inspiration for the New Year. Have a prosperous 2015. One love.

  2. I learned years ago that the ‘why’ is our critical focal point. In order to remain committed to our goals we need to have that focal point which helps to ensure that our focus is constant and consistent with what we are wanting to achieve…like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

    I experience a wall of sorts nearly every day and that focal point really does draw on my focus, gives me a sense of positive direction. As always Richard, thank you for being such a beacon of energy and light when we need it most!

  3. Don I believe if we lose our “why” we lose our way. I have met some challenges where I almost gave up and it was my why that I remember that kept me going. The “why” is important.

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