How Is Today Treating You?

Take Chances (1)

It is very refreshing to remind yourself daily of your worth and that you are worthy.

Today is a good day in my book. It may not be the best day but it’s a good. I may not hit the mark but I’m here and for that it is good. If it is more you want out of life and don’t have it at this moment, complaining certainly will not give it to you. How is today treating you? We all would love each day to be the best in which we get all that we want from the day. The sad truth is that, we don’t always get what we want. I also heard that we get what we are. We are magnificent to say the least. Given that, for me I look at each day like this – how am I going to treat me today?

How are you going to treat you today?

It is imperative you treat you the best you can and don’t leave it up to the external things that you don’t even have control over.

What one thing will you do for you today?


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2 responses to “How Is Today Treating You?

  1. One thing I do for myself every day is to remind myself WHY I am doing what I am doing. That ‘WHY’ has as much to do with my beloved wife as it does for myself and that fundamental self-reassurance and affirmation is the glue that binds.

    I share that affirmation with my wife Andrea and I believe that is why she supports me without reservation as strongly as she does.

    Life is all about taking chances and for the first time in my long career I now embrace taking those chances as a ‘chance’ to achieve what seemed so far out of reach working for someone else. That is truly empowering! Life doesn’t come all neatly wrapped in a big red ribbon…we need to make each day the gift that it truly can be.

    At the end of the day I want to be able to look in the mirror and smile…knowing that “today I took steps in the journey and am that much closer to my destination, my goals, my dreams”. Now THAT’S some kind of motivation!

    • You shared too very important aspect of being successful…why you do what you do…and to get the support from love ones closest to you…which is your wife and that’s great. Very important!

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