Did You Get Up With, Before Or After The Snooze?

Get Up and Ready To Go!

How many times have you wish you wake up a ready to go? Too many times! I have pushed the snooze button before and on those days I realized that I was just putting off the opportunity to take charge of my life.

Living on purpose takes responsibility but I also know that it takes motivation.

What happens is that when we put off the opportunity to take charge of our lives in our eyes the day normally finishes quicker, but nothing worthwhile was completed and that is not what we are here for. We have to decide to live on purpose and start taking charge of our life and that is done through taking fully responsibility for our actions.

It begins with us.

The first thing I did then was to make a list of things that I would feel excited about doing. I believe if you have something excited to get up to, something you wanted to do/get done you’ll be more compelled to get up and get moving. Also, have you ever realized how more energy you have when you get up early? If you haven’t been getting up early – try it and it won’t be long before you too will be saying:

I am in-charge, not my snooze button.

It is time to kick the disempowerment feeling to the curb and for start you may want to:

Plan at least one thing the night before that you’ll feel good waking up to do.

Life is not going to wait on us to get ready. Ready or not the days are going to come and go.

Get up and live because you are supposed to.

Have you ever tried making your favorite song be your alarm ringer. I know whenever I hear Lean On Me and Something Inside So Strong no matter how up-sided down my day was, it would get significantly better.

My friend Dr. Willie Jolley – The Leading Expert On “Attitude of Excellence” and “Comebacks” has an awesome tool that will help you to stay motivated “Daily Motivation Button” and I know we need to be motivated to live our best life yet.

It is time to live your best life yet.

Give it a try, make you alarm ringer be a song that you love so when it goes off you won’t rush to turn it off, because it will remind you of good times. If having your favorite song as your alarm ringer makes you have a better start, please share!

You have a purpose.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “Did You Get Up With, Before Or After The Snooze?

  1. I must say that I have never used the ‘snooze’ button! Often I wake up fifteen minutes before the alarm sounds and my mind usually begins to move in the direction of how, beyond coffee and a light breakfast, my day will begin…what is my first and highest priority for the day.

    I get up energized with a focus on tackling that first priority task head on when I’m at my freshest mentally and know that with the successful completion of that priority task I will really be jazzed, feeling like I just slew the dragon and I’m ready to take on the next conquest for the day!

    I find that my days go by extremely fast and I must plan ahead to make each moment count rather than sitting down at my desk each morning wasting time contemplating what I should do next. You have made reference to this previously Richard. There’s no time management in that approach!

    And when it comes to being in charge, I am sole proprietor of my business and therefore MUST be ready and in charge each day…there’s no-one else around to pick up the slack! Now there’s a great daily challenge…self-motivation for being in charge!

  2. Wow! That’s great Don. As you said here and is true, no-one is going to pick up our slack for us. Therefore, we need to hit the ground running with out delaying our own progress.

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