It’s All In The Steps

You have to make the first, before you

The first step I took

I fell

What was said

I didn’t understood

Although I cried

I got back up

Such is life

Sometimes we fall

Just take it as it is

Just don’t let it

Make you stall

But despite how hard it was

You must get back up

Brush yourself off

Make your next step

What I know for sure

Is that each time you get back up

You’ll only be stronger

Then you be able to walk and

Stand longer

But if you decide to sit

Without trying again

You will not know

What else is possible for you

Because you didn’t try again

So what will you do

If you ever fall

Get back up and try again


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4 responses to “It’s All In The Steps

  1. Inese Poga Art Gallery

    That’s exactly what matters: to find the strength to get up again! Great poem with very personal touch, yet, it is so important for everybody of us!

  2. So true! I realize that it doesn’t matter who we are or what our aspirations are, we are going to be tested by life. The person who can find it in them to get back up one more time is the person who is going to win!

  3. Like getting back on the proverbial horse Richard! That is what our entire lives are all about.

    Your words here remind me of what we see with an infant child who is just beginning to learn how to walk, taking their first steps. As we all did in those very early days, we would flop down on the floor, looking around frustrated with no-one in sight to help us back onto our feet again. So what then? We struggled, rocked and rolled and fought with all our might to regain balance on our hands and knees and rather awkwardly rise to our feet again…all on our own!

    For anyone who has watched a child regain their footing through such struggle it is an emotional experience to witness…and a powerful life lesson of what is possible in life if we really set our mind to accomplishing something. And to see the look on that little child’s face when they stand up for the first time on their own…more than priceless. And after that moment the child never looks back…they’re off and running!

    And as with your own words here Richard…THAT is truly inspiring!

  4. We cannot stay down Don. If we fall, we MUST decide to get back up! Thanks for sharing your feedback. Appreciated as always!

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