Just In Case You Missed It – My Interview With Dr. Willie Jolley

It only takes a minute to change your life. You can make this minute your minute.

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It was a pleasure and honor to conduct this interview with Dr. Willie Jollley who is a Hall of Fame Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Singer and Radio and TV personality who have inspire and motivate too many people to count all over the world. It is with great honor that I share with you this interview with Dr. Willie Jolley who literally started from the bottom and now he’s one of the most sort after speakers in the world. He is definitely a perfect example of achieving great success from a setback. You can listen to the interview here . You can also visit Dr. Willie Jolley website for more information on speaking engagements and other products that will enhance your life greatly.

If you are going through a challenge and in search for ways to have a comeback, you want to get A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback because it is comeback time.

Your best it yet to come. Your best is yet to come. YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME – Dr. Willie Jolley

I believe you can have the success you want, just don’t stop because you have a setback. Remember, a set back is a setup is nothing but a setup for a comeback and you have it you to comeback. It is comeback time!

We can only become to the extent of that which we can believe we can become.


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2 responses to “Just In Case You Missed It – My Interview With Dr. Willie Jolley

  1. Richard, thank you so much for sharing your interview with Dr. Willie Jolly. It’s marvelous to know that regardless of how difficult our lives become at times there truly is a way to come back. I love the premise of the ‘Pity Party Graduation’! The mind is such a powerful energy and life force, so much so that if we will our thoughts, our perspective on life in a new, more positive direction then indeed ‘the best is yet to come’.

    It all begins with believing, a faith in ourselves and the power of what we all possess within. What you are sharing with us Richard, the insights and enthusiasm, and tremendous energy we feel listening to greatly inspired individuals like yourself and Dr. Jolly, creates a dynamic sense of excitement for the possibilities AND the realization and discovery of just how much potential each one of us has.

    There is a fundamental difference between saying and doing…what you demonstrate to us, Richard, is a virtual roadmap that inspires, motivates and empowers us to tap into our hidden resources and reach for what we desire without the fear of failure…for what is failure anyway? For me failure is simply a sign that I need to find another way!

  2. Thanks Don for your feed back. You are right, “It all begins with believing.” We have to believe it is possible!

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