Pity Party Graduation

Train your mind to see the good in all (1)

Roll call

If you find yourself

In this line

It’s because you have decided

To take your power back

I am not going to judge you and

This is not to attack

Or to chastise you

More so to remind you

Because if you want to

Move forward

You can’t be thinking

Of yourself as a victim

You are here for a purpose

You have been chosen

I have been there and I know

What he or she have said

May have hurt

But there is no reason

For you to continue hurting yourself

I don’t want to sound harsh

But you have to take responsibility

Responsibility for yourself

And to let you know

Your attitude equals

Your altitude

As a matter a fact

Sometimes when we think we won’t

It’s because we refuse to

Exercise patience

By not exercising patience

You’ll undermine the possibility

Of progress

I know to change can be hard

But you must decide

That it is time to change

The story

There is so much that you can do

I’m just here to remind you

Because greatness is within you

Take this certificate

With your name signed

On it

To remind you

Of the fact that

You are more than capable

Because it is time to be the light

The light that will give light

To whosoever

May think that they are at the

End of a dead end tunnel

“If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way.” – Henry Ford


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2 responses to “Pity Party Graduation

  1. Regardless of all the negative things that occur in this world one thing becomes increasingly evident…those who maintain their focus on the positive survive, excel and succeed through what they are doing and instilling all of that positive energy in everyone around them.

    There are many people in this world dedicating their every waking hour to helping others realize a better life and so much of what goes into changing one’s life circumstances is the acceptance that our perspective has to change.

    When we think and express ourselves in a negative way we allow ourselves to sink to levels of frustration and despair and in the process drag others down with us. You have often talked about possibilities and limitations, self-imposed or otherwise, Richard, and our first step in the right direction has to be looking at things differently, in a much more positive light.

    The patience you refer to Richard fuels our determination and as positive things begin to happen in our lives, especially through our own individual efforts, the more confidence we have that our outlook really does make a difference. Progress takes time and that patience becomes our greatest virtue.

  2. Well on point Don. Progress takes time… Patience is indeed our greatest virtue.

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