Wondering How To Break The Negative Patterns In Your Life?

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If you don’t learn how to control your thoughts, you will never learn how to control your behavior. -Joyce Meyer

Most of us have mental conversations constantly. We talk all the time with ourselves, but unfortunately, most of these “internal discussions” are negative. We often blame the past and worry about the future. As a matter a fact, neither of the two is going to help with getting more out of life. In fact, that type of negativity can destroy any sign of hope that we can take to achieve our dreams.

What we share with each other is based on our thoughts. Therefore, if we change the way we think we will be able to change our actions. I come to realize that as human beings we are always in search of personal development financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If we have good conversations with ourselves and we undertake actions that will lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

I am going to offer 7 simple steps that will help you break the negative patterns in your life:

  1. Eliminate negative discussions 

First you have to realize when negative thinking. It’s hard to make a change if you do not understand how and why thinking in a certain way. Being aware of your feelings, you know, and how to manage them.

The discussions are negative over the years for various reasons. For example, if your school is constantly saying you’re wrong, you get to think it’s true. Your inner voice can often tell you “I am too slow” or “It’s hard to learn.” If you constantly say negative things, then your actions will reflect low self-esteem. As such it is difficult to get too far if you do not trust yourself.

The most common negative about it “cannot”. When you say “I can” or “too hard” create resistance. A mental block will prevent you from doing things that you can do in reality.

Every time you say “I cannot …” stop and ask “why not? “. Studies show that most successful people do a lot of heavy stuff. So if you want to be successful you have to say more often I can.

  1. Positive Affirmations (maximum, aphorisms, quotes motivational)

Affirmations are positive statements of a desired outcome or goal. The expressions are generally short, credible and concentrated. Repeating them often open new avenues while in our subconscious, creating another way of thinking. In our case, then clear positive thinking.

Read aloud with highs enthusiasm that motivates you and while you’ll see results. Here you will find some maximum and quotes about positive thinking.

  1. Create positive descriptions

Make it a habit to create images and stories optimistic about yourself and others. Set your dream and try to view materializing. Think about how you’ll feel when it will become reality. Upload with positive feelings, although there are currently only mentally. As will become reality. And most importantly, people start to get used to think positively.

  1. Replace negative influences with positive

It is important to identify negative externalities of your life. For example, your mood can be poisoned if you are surrounded by negative people. If you are not careful enough, you will begin to adopt their thoughts. Therefore, pay attention to negative influences. Limit exposure to these thoughts as much as possible. Also, avoid discussing your plans with people who do not encourage or support your dreams.

You must do for yourself what others cannot do for you and that is to surround yourself with people who share positive thoughts and people whose actions that motivate you. If you are demotivated by having positive people around you will make you feel better. That is, the positive energy around you will help you to improve your own way of thinking.

  1. Focus on the present moments of happiness

Focus on the things you do now. Do not be burdened by mistakes of the past or fear of the future. You cannot control neither past nor future. Assume your responsibility today for you. Take that responsibility for what you want to do and act on it now.  It is in the present moment you’ll find your happiness. You happiness is not in the distant future and it is certainly not in your past. Be here now and be happy now.

  1. Control your fears

Fear is often what keeps us away success. If you let the fear controls you, you’ll be afraid to take risks for fear of losing safe now. You try to convince yourself that you are happy with the status quo when in reality you are not.

Ask yourself what you fear. What is the worst thing that can happen? Analyze your fears step by step and see where you can turn them into something positive. When you confront your fears, often you will realize that the worst scenario is not as bad as you thought. In fact, the benefits change often justify taking the risk.

  1. Enjoy the good times

It is much easier to have a positive attitude if you focus on the best moments of life. It is inevitable to have and problems and challenges, however, let’s remember that’s how life has ups and downs. And after each period less good, comes great one!

Therefore choose to fill your mind with positive thoughts and images. Make it a habit consciously. For starters, you can start by assessing all you know. A state of gratitude helps a lot to positive thinking.

It will not happen overnight where internal discussions will immediately replace the negative with positive thinking. If your mind is not accustomed to think positive, you will need some time to make the switch. The good news is that you can to control your thoughts and therefore life.

YOU CAN have a positive attitude IF you want to!


Thank you for your support!

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5 responses to “Wondering How To Break The Negative Patterns In Your Life?

  1. This is a tremendous list, my friend. #4 has been a game-changer in my life over the past few years!

    It’s incredible the true changes we can make in our lives when we control our thoughts and fears and stay focused on the present.

    Have a brilliant weekend!

    Peace, always,


  2. This is a most interesting subject Richard and one we all need to pay very close attention to. If we are frustrated with life and want something better then it compels us to examine our life closely to reassess where in life we want to be moving forward.

    Where does negativity come from? We are not born with negative attitudes, rather, a powerful instinct of curiosity and learning as soon as we take our first breaths and open our eyes. But the further into life we go do we truly have our eyes open to new possibilities?

    In my estimation we develop those negative thoughts and perspectives through life experiences and from those who harbour negative thoughts. Negativity is habit forming, like anything else about our character and practices. It’s easy to think in a negative way, easy to be a critic rather than a leader. We aren’t forced to be negative yet we seem to absorb negative energy from what we see and hear happening around us on a daily basis.

    My sibling seemed to develop negative perspectives quite early in life and that negative outlook remains with her in this day well into her fifties. She has struggled with her career, has a minimum of friends, is plagued with health issues that are manageable yet she is not proactive about her health. Most significant about her is that she has a real gift with photography and while she loves to engage in that hobby she takes it no further despite our encouragement…the first words she expresses about taking her photography next level, as with anything else in her life is “well it probably won’t…”.

    I only use the foregoing example to illustrate how self-sabotaging we can be if we cannot recapture our focus on the positive and possibilities in life. I spent thirty years of my career in an extremely negative work environment and, indeed, that is in my past now. I have made a concerted decision to move on to a positive new beginning with new directions and association with powerfully inspiring and positive individuals.

    Your insights are truly valued Richard. In a world where we are bombarded with negativity it is so remarkably refreshing to see your ambition, your highly positive perspective, your enthusiasm for life and all that WE can make it be.

    Special thanks for all that you share with us here…it DOES make a difference!

    • Thanks Don. I appreciate all that you say here. As you mentioned, being around negative people can cause us to be negative and that is why we have to guard ourselves from negative people as much as we can.

      Have a bless day!

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