Purpose Is What Give Life Meaning

Purpose for a purpose! (2)

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” -Jim Rohn

I hope you have start this year with a purpose for a purpose. Also, I hope you have set your fair share of goals because it’s important.  You may have heard, if it is just in your head it is a wish. It’s time to go past the wishing!

One recent study, conducted by Ivy League, clearly showed that only 3 percent of the current population in the US set goals. What’s surprising is that among the 3 percent, we have the wealthiest and the most auspicious people in the country. That goes a long way into proving that goal setting and success are firmly joined at the hip.

“Begin with the end in mind.” -Stephen Covey

For one, setting goals lets you take the driver’s sit. Meaning, it gives you power to transform your life entirely, as well as take your company or business into a promising future. That being said, here are the 4 key reasons goal setting is believed to be so important for personal development and business success.

  1. Goal setting creates clarity 

As Bill Copeland adeptly puts it, anyone without a goal in life, even if they’re busy spending their life running around, always ends up with nothing achieved. You spend a lot of time doing a lot of things, but in the real sense, only a small fraction of what you do brings forth progress or contribute to a better you if not your business. In other words, you’re busy fulfilling everyone’s goals using the time that could otherwise been used in chasing your own.

Setting goals creates clarity on what you ultimately want in life. First, it lets you crystallize and articulate the desires that are randomly floating in your mind. That way, you end up channeling your time, effort and energy into things that matter the most to you, hence a more conscious living.

  1. Goal setting gives you a forward momentum

If all your plans and ambitions have been faltering, even before you thought of jump starting them, chances are you aren’t much of a goal setter. If anything, goals represent your inner desires; the desires that should motivate you into achieving anything in life. In other words, you’re connected to your source of motivation that very moment you sit down to put your goals in black and white. That said, the goals you set should serve as a constant reminder of the motivation you had while starting out, which should in turn act as the fuel that gives you a forward drive.

  1. Goals make you accountable

Setting goals makes you accountable. Instead of talking about your dreams and ambitions, yet you’re there sited and doing nothing concrete about them, goals makes you more obligated to take actions. It makes you accountable, not to other people, but to yourself. Speak of which being accountable to your goals can be interpreted to mean staying true to your desires.

  1. Goals allow you to be the best you can be

Unless you have your life motivated with goals, there’s no way you can hit your highest potential. Not by magic. For one, lacking goals subjects you to a default set of actions that keep you locked in your comfort zone. If you take pleasure in time-based contentment, that’s your time to enjoy the fleeting smug. But if you’re interested in growth, then don’t let comfort zones confuse you. You have an auspicious future. And Goals are what keeps you on toes; and every time you hit one objective, there’s always a bigger one in waiting. And the culmination of it is you becoming the best you can ever be.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” -T. S. Eliot


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2 responses to “Purpose Is What Give Life Meaning

  1. Your T.S. Eliot quote some brings it all together so nicely Richard! You know, for the longest time I tended to think of ‘goals’ as a heavily overused buzzword yet the more focused I become on my own goals the more I realized the merit and critical importance goals have in our lives.

    How do we define goals? A review of synonyms of ‘goals’ on a prominent thesaurus reveals related words to include ambitions, objectives, targets, destination, intent, mission, purpose…our ‘purpose’ in life is our reason for being.

    We each have our own perspective on our purpose, our desires and all of the other words relating to goals. The difference lies in the degree of desire and focus we each have on our goals. Discovery of where life takes us is quite a remarkable journey and we are empowered to influence the paths we take along that journey.

    Goals, as with liberties in life, are not rightful…they are acquired, earned. Achieving goals are a leap of faith and a journey well outside of our instinctual comfort zone. Success requires exceptional effort and determination…something we all have within us…we simply need to discover and act upon those desires, those goals.

  2. Indeed Don, success requires exceptional effort and must be willing to go the extra mile.

    The best is still within us!

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