Don’t Blame Life: 3 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Better

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Life will not get better by complaining; what will happen is that you attract more of what you don’t want.

Are you feeling as if life done you wrong? Have you done all that you have told and still finding it hard to make life work? A lot of people have been down that road, but also a lot of people have made their life better. If you find yourself BLAMING LIFE, STOP IMMEDIATELY. It is not going to do you any good. Also, are you afraid of making mistake? We all have made mistakes including successful and unsuccessful people and if you can openly say you haven’t you might have not stretched yourself enough.

Don’t blame life and as the recording artist Bugle said, “Blame the way how you live it.” We have a choice!

If you change the way you look at things the thing you look at change. -Dr. Wayne Dyer

I decided to do some things different this year to make my life better. We all want SUCCESS. That is the conclusion I have come to from the over 100 people I have asked randomly. If I ask you, if you want to be successfully what would be your answer? Would it be to be successful? I hope so.

What I have done differently. I started to attend events. Out of the 3 weeks already I have been at 2 events, one in Washington DC and the other in Orlando. I see where meeting others and making meaningful connection can make our lives better. Try it!

The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work. -Robert Kiyosaki

The first thing I believe that you can do to make your life better is to GO TO EVENTS. I have been to two events this year so far and I’ve seen how much I have been short changing myself. At these events I realized that they are individuals that are thinking just like how I am thinking. They all want to make their life better. Do you? Attended events that resonate with you?

It is time to stretch you vision.

The second thing I found to be VERY IMPORTANT is to MAKE CONNECTION WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE who are not afraid to share what they know with you. I will say this though; don’t just collect their business cards. You want to be sincere with your connections and if you can’t be sincere with the connection it will fade very quickly. Also, trying to get business cards from everyone might not be the best thing to do. Spend some time to connect with one person before you go to the next.

By meeting other like-minded individuals your belief will be intensified.

The third thing I found to be working is to REACH OUT BY PHONE CALL OR EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Remember, these individuals that you have now connected with want a better life and they are ENTHUSED and that is contagious. As a matter of fact, it will help you to stay motivated and focus. Also, you want to let those that you have connected with remember who you are after you all have left the event. Once you follow-up early with your new connections they will be more likely to remember who you are because you are fresh on their minds. In fact, relationships can help you to get to the next level in your life. Also, through relationship people build trust and from trust, people will be more likely to do business with you.

It’s time to connect with like-minded individuals because they can help to keep you motivated and focused.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “Don’t Blame Life: 3 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Better

  1. Richard, I can attest from personal experience that since the startup of my new business the vast majority of my new client relationships have emerged from building networks. Nothing is really quite as effective as one on one personal connections and as you reflect here the relationships that we develop lead to a powerful trust factor that cannot be replicated through any form of marketing and advertising initiatives.

    When we establish new contacts, business associations or personal friendships the bond of commonality brings about powerful and mutual affirmations of what we share in kind, what we aspire to achieve. I attend a monthly professional networking meeting of business owners in our city who seek to generate business connections and to support each other in a professional way.

    When we gather with like-minded individuals who share that same end result by being together relationships and respect burgeon and grow. Achieving success in our lives, not only professionally but personally as well is something many of us share in common and is surely the reason we are drawn to your website here Richard.

    My own visions for success are far-reaching and lofty and I am learning more and more each and every day that any sense of personal limitations are self-induced and can indeed be overcome. A willingness to modify our outlook and perspective is key to moving forward in life.

    In recent days I have had wonderfully positive reviews shared by clients and associates which in itself is truly gratifying and empowering. Such positive reinforcement is powerful affirmation for what I am doing on their behalf and in tandem we come out ahead in our initiatives to acquire that better life. We certainly don’t have to nor should attempt to do it all on our own.

    Our life is what we make of it and laying blame on life itself is pointless because again…WE make our life what it is. WE must be accountable to ourselves for our actions…or inactions as the case may be. I choose the path to success Richard and your insights truly help to maintain that positive perspective.

  2. Don you have exemplify what it takes to build meaningful relationship through networking.

    However, I like what you have here “Our life is what we make of it and laying blame on life itself is pointless…”

    I am happy to know that I can be of some help in maintaining a positive perspective!

    Have a bless one!

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