Where Did You Find Your Greener Pastures?

The Treasure Within

I went looking for greener pastures

Have you

Better is out there somewhere

You may have said that too

Like me you may have heard

When you go

You’ll find greener pastures

That sound like a better future

But with a limiting mindset

You won’t see

The things that are evident

You are there

Where the pastures should be greener

But on arrival things seemed the same

Didn’t even knew

That it is was because

The mindset still remain the same

Like many you started to do

What you’re suppose to do

I remember when it hit me

Where is the greener pastures

Caught myself wondering

If what was said was true

I didn’t want to overrule the possibility

I was looking for immediate

Breakthroughs and responses all in my favor

But what I have changed was only my sentences

Because I was still thinking about what they told me

It was after I changed my mindset

That things started to changed

I didn’t have to go looking

For any particular place

Reading reveals it

Then my appetite grew

Thinking on how I’ve missed it

Thought I had to go to some faraway  place

To find it

It is clearer now

Because those with the greener pastures

Have spend time and nurtured it

They took the time

If you do

You too will realize

That you already have it

You must know

Where ever you go

You will have to play your role

Start where you are. Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are. Take advantage of every opportunity of service. – Robert Collier


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2 responses to “Where Did You Find Your Greener Pastures?

  1. I believe in the timeless old saying that “in order to appreciate where we are going we need to remember from whence we came”. In doing so, each time we recognize positive gains in our lives we need only look back to reaffirm the success we have achieved.

    I have learned over the years that success involves a cultivating process, that nurturing that you speak of Richard. Success doesn’t happen overnight and we need to remain focused on the direction we are headed in. Some believe in the pot of gold at the far end of the rainbow. In reality a better life does indeed lay in the palm of our hands, within our heart and soul.

    First we need to define success in terms of our own individual goals. Then the journey can begin and the greener pastures may indeed be very close to home!

  2. Yes Don, It’s a cultivating process…

    We must pay attention to what we have and we all have something of value…

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