Be Extraordinary

a little bit extra


You can be

Even if

Your flame has gone out

Today like a friend

I’ll fan it

To rekindle what’s there

Inside of you

Because you can still be


Ordinary is given

But if you are willing

To do a little bit extra

You’ll be well on your way

To be extraordinary

Just a little bit extra

We all have that in us

You are no different from

Those who have done it

You may feel overwhelm

Just to let you know

You still can be

So don’t be afraid to

Dream big

You are well deserving

So take the time and learn

In your initial stage

Some will thing

You are extreme

But remember

You will have to

Commit yourself to it

There is no in between

Take sometime

To learn on how to get there

But stay true to yourself


Is not a one shot

But the willingness

To do a little extra

Being extraordinary begins the moment you give up what you were to focus on what you can become.


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2 responses to “Be Extraordinary

  1. I discovered long ago. Richard, that in the highly competitive world that we live in, in order to stand out we do indeed need to be extraordinary. We need to consistently go the extra mile to capture the attention of those we wish to associate with from a personal and professional perspective.

    Success doesn’t come from being average…in order to excel we have to focus our efforts on greater initiative and better end results. We have to clearly demonstrate why people should favour that association with us over others.

    Extraordinary is truly not a one-shot deal. As with performing artists in the music industry, our success and its sustainability depends on much more than being a one-hit wonder. Our ongoing efforts each day to achieve more pays off in the long run and will inspire others to do likewise.

    To be extraordinary is to be exceptional and I have sought to go the extra mile my entire career. While working for my most recent employer I was a recipient of their Touch of Excellence award for “exemplary” efforts on our clients’ behalf. That kind of recognition for my extraordinary efforts was a tremendous inspiration and motivation for myself and other associates who sought to achieve the same high level of service standards.

    That extra effort raised the bar for others to do the same to the benefit of not only myself but most importantly to our clients who deserved that extraordinary effort and more. With that kind of company philosophy we were a service provider of choice.

  2. Well said Don. We have to decide that to get what we really want from life we have to be willing to go the extra mile.

    Thanks again for sharing!

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