You’ve Asked

You’ve asked

Then why be upset

With what you’re

Presently experiencing

You may have to

Go through what

You are going through

To get where/what

You’ve asked for

If you contaminate

Your thoughts

With the idea that you

May be on the wrong path

If that becomes your dominant thought

Then the experience

Will only feel the same

If you believe it’s wrong

Because of the test

That was brought to you

Due to what you’ve asked for

You may be driving yourself

Further away

Away from that which

You’ve asked

So despite what you are going through

You still want to be

Watchful of your dominant


When you are faced with a challenge in life don’t forget what you have asked for.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “You’ve Asked

  1. I expect that many people don’t realize how much focus, dedication and consistently hard work it takes to be successful.

    I believe that before we can set out on our mission to accomplish that success we truly must fully explore the journey and what it will involve and THEN we MUST commit to complete follow through each and every day until we reach or exceed our goals.

    We can’t succeed working from a half-hearted “I’ll give it a try” attitude. We have to fully believe in ourselves, believe in what is possible and fully believe that we CAN and WILL succeed. Our mindset from the outset has to be fully positive and committed to do whatever it takes to get what we want…what we have asked for.

    As you have pointed out many times, Richard, the path to success is not a straight line…it has curves in the road, obstacles to overcome, perhaps even some re-thinking of our best approach as we progress along the journey and we have to be accepting that success does indeed take time and great effort.

    We we achieve greater and greater things along that journey our motivation to keep pushing forward is powerfully reaffirmed, reinforced as we get closer and closer to acquiring those things that we have asked for. “Seek and ye shall receive!”

    Thank you, Richard, for always reinforcing the possibilities and the perspective we need to maintain along the way!

    • Thanks Don, I really appreciate you sharing your comments.

      As you said, we have to train our mind to be positive as there are so many things that may cause us to lose sight of our objective!

      Making this year an AMAZING year!

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