Stop Blaming Yourself and Start Living

There is a bigger picture

Whenever you blame yourself you are stopping yourself from seeing the bigger picture.

It is natural to have an overwhelmed feeling especially when you reflect just how pointless your life might seem to be at face value. Perhaps you are struggling with your finances or social life, and constant low self-esteem thoughts are bombarding your mind. Maybe you are recuperating from a debilitating blow like tragically losing someone you deeply cared for. And are probably thinking what is the point of prolonging your miserable existence.

However, you should stop blaming yourself and try to look for the means to regain your peace of mind and your happiness. Acceptance of what may have happened is certainly the right way to go about it. Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? You still possess the inherent gifts God planted in you and nothing can ever take them away. After asking yourself what’s the worst that can happen, try to calmly accept it and figure out how you can make amends. It might be trying out new financial opportunities or coming out of your self –imposed cocoon and meet new individuals that can assist you to recover your joy of living. All in all, stop blaming yourself for the abject circumstance you may think you are in.

Blaming yourself or others doesn’t solve anything. Doing so can intensify the overwhelming feeling. Blaming is never the answer. Remember, you may not be able to workout everything in regards to the situation you are in.  But you don’t want to be playing victim. Just do what you can do and once you accept what has happened you’ll be well on your way to free yourself from blaming yourself. As Stephen Covey said, “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” With that been said, never forget that you still possess the inherent gifts God planted in you and nothing can ever take them away.

If you can think less of ALL that you have to get done and do what you can, when you can, you’ll get more things done.


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4 responses to “Stop Blaming Yourself and Start Living

  1. Thanks for the wonderful words! When I stopped blaming myself and started living in the present moment to take control of my future, it all started falling in place 🙂

  2. I am so encouraged by this Richard. Life goes on and whatever we have been through, knowing that God allowed it, then it was meant to be.

    Once we stop the blaming that’s when life begins.

  3. Glad you did Yvonne. I found that to be very true. appreciate the feedback!

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