7 Things To Challenge Yourself To Do For 30 Days That Can Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

Challenge Yourself (1)

If I can be more, achieve more and do more why not!

To have the things you say you want out of life you have to be intentional and deliberate in what you do. You don’t want to rely on chance. In challenging yourself to do something new for 30 days, you can improve your personal and professional life. It may seem hard in the beginning, but it can be done! 

Scientist has found that it takes roughly 30 days for a person to form a new habit. In other words, if you want to form a habit that will provide you with personal development – personal growth that will in turn make this year your best year yet it’s best to stick with your new habit for 30 days. Are you ready? I am ready!

Remember, getting better at anything or closer to your dream is a step by step process. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, just bear in mind that what you are doing is somewhat new and the first couple day can feel awkward or challenging. Once you continue the awkward or the challenging feeling will eventually leave you. It’s like fear – when you face the fear the fear disappear.

The 7 things that can improve our lives both personally and professional are as follows:

  1. Share what you do with at least 5 people in person each day for the next 30 days (networking is an integral component of building your business)

  2. Read a chapter of a good book every day for 30 days (it may be best if the book is congruent with what you are doing/help you to get better at what you do) nonetheless, the reading you do will eventually open new doors in your mind.

  3. Practice your elevator pitch every morning before you leave your home for 30 days (you don’t want to ever meet a prospect and be mumbling on what to say)

  4. Be punctual in all you do because it says a lot about you (even if you don’t have a 9-5 being punctual should still be your practice)

  5. Read your mission, purpose and vision at least twice daily for the next 30 days (it is always good to remind yourself of the things you want to accomplish or to see happen in the world around you)

  6. Look directly in your own eyes daily for 30 days and ask what would a person who love themselves be doing today (sometimes we engage in things that are harmful to us unconsciously because we don’t take the time to remind ourselves of the things that really matters) Also, you want to say encouraging things to yourself while you looking into your eyes.

  7. Perform one selfless act every day for the next 30 days (it has been said, if you help enough people get what they want out of life you’ll get the things you want out of life) Make someone happy or believe again in themselves and not only that, your impact will be forever remembered.

Document your progress from start to finish. By the same token, you want to know that the minute you start is the minute your progress begins.

The habits that you have formed are the habits that your lifestyle will reflect – whether positive or negative.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “7 Things To Challenge Yourself To Do For 30 Days That Can Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

  1. An excellent article Richard!

    Once we develop those consistent, positive habits those daily things that we are doing become automatic and without the perception of being laborious, challenging, mundane or redundant. With established habits comes consistent and fruitful effort on our part.

    We need to consistently gauge or measure our progress relevant to our objectives, our goals. At regular intervals in the process I gauge my positive advances through comparison to whence I came, from where I started. We have to always maintain focus on where we were in our lives when we started our purposeful journey, what has motivated us to strive for something better…and what we have to do to get to our intended destination.

    Routinely gauging my progress is a litmus test for me Richard. That litmus test is defined as “a crucial and revealing test in which there is one decisive factor”…that ‘decisive factor’ being what we need to do to achieve our end objective, our goal(s).

    Developing those strong, consistent daily habits brings definition and purpose and the means to achieve what we desire in life. Without that kind of focus our journey is aimless.

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