7 Reason A Bad Start In Life Is Not Really Bad

Even with a bad start you are still

Were you judged wrongfully OR did you judge your start wrongfully?

Your beginning was a very important part of your journey, no matter how the beginning was. You had to start somewhere!

I use to be angry with my parents (in my mind), mad at God (when I’m alone) and worst mad with myself (couldn’t see the purpose) and ask ‘why me’ because I was blind to the fact that it was a part of the preparation.

Have you overlooked your preparation? What have you made it through?

You may want to start reflecting on your life to see what you have been through. Your purpose may have been well wrapped up in it. With that be said, a bad start in life is not really bad especially if later on in life you then see how well it has shaped you into the person who now exemplifies extraordinary qualities.

Some of the extraordinary qualities that came as a result of the bad start:

It helps to develop grit/resilience

The less than privilege (which later turn out to be a privilege) start in life really allows us to see and show that tough times don’t last but through our adverse situation the toughness develops. Also, through this process one become solution oriented.

It helps to solidifying the power of our imagination

Because of the adverse situation from which most of us started from we had to utilize our mental faculty to create something different. We have to see ourselves being who we want long before we actually are. It is through the daily envisioning of seeing ourselves having a better life then the power of our imagination will eventually gain strength.

It helps to build strong character

Most of these individuals who started out without all their basic needs met have realized on their journey that they will have to start creating their perfect moment even without them having a perfect moment to create from. This is where discipline and positive mental attitude serves a great purpose.

It helps to develop the attitude of gratitude

The desire for a better life will be seen by the people around you through your effort. What happens is that when an individual make it beyond lack and limitations their response will always include, “I have to thank this or that person, Mr …or Miss… for the support”. These individuals know that it wasn’t just because of their effort alone they made it.

It helps to develop self-reliance

Starting from a humble beginning helps one to be resourceful. That is, they use whatever is at hand to start the creating process of what they what needed to be experience in the future. These individuals start doing for themselves by themselves before anyone else believe in them.

It helps to build courage

What happen is that, these individuals have to take action despite of the situation or even how they have they feel in a given moment. They realize that if they want to change their life they will have to believe in themselves. It is the believing in oneself that lead to taking action which helps with building up the courage within.

It helps to give life meaning

The moment you realize that you are experiencing what you are experiencing because you are strong enough to experience the experience your life suddenly have a different meaning. That’s when the purpose of living becomes evident.

Even with a bad start you are still expected to run.


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3 responses to “7 Reason A Bad Start In Life Is Not Really Bad

  1. Life is so full of opportunity. We cannot afford to feel sorry for ourselves and wallow in that self-pity. We need to use the lows in life as powerful motivation to acquire better for ourselves, to dig deep to fulfil our desires…for ourselves and our loved ones.

  2. Thanks Don for sharing that thought…Oh yes…even in the low times we can find opportunity.

  3. I returned this evening, Richard, to revisit your insights here. It occurs to me that most individuals that I have known to have been raised in challenging, more have-not circumstances through their young years so in most cases developed a powerful determination and desire to have more for their life moving forward.

    I’ve seen numerous individuals born with a silver spoon who do not seem to possess those instinctive qualities of ambition and perseverance. They seem to take for granted their life’s privilege and make assumptions about never having to be concerned with working hard for a living. In most instances they eventually fall hard when things do not materialize as they had anticipated and they are not equipped to deal with their newfound realities.

    My family lived quite comfortably through my dad’s profession but there were some very difficult, lean years as well and it was a valuable lesson never to take life and its givings for granted as things can change. I learned from both parents the virtue of doing the very best I could at anything I endeavoured to do in life and for that I am truly grateful. My parents did not believe in the ‘silver spoon’ approach to life and as such I really appreciate the values I acquired through their teaching.

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