How To Stop Complaining

It is better to light one small candle

The way you think matters!

Will the condition of my life get better when I complain? NO!

Sometimes if we are not reminded of our purpose and that a setback is not for us to sit back, complain and think about all the things that are not going right. What that will do is keep us in a state that we don’t really want to be in.

I can do two things with the things I don’t like, change it or change the way I think about it because complaining is wasting precious time and energy.

With all the challenges of living in a modern society, it is inevitable for people to complain. In fact, almost everyone living in every nook and comer of his world has complained at some point in his/ her life. Although everybody knows that is not good to complain and criticize, many still tend to do so. So how can you stop complaining? Below are tips to help.

  1. Mental conditioning.

Do you know that if you repeat having the same thoughts over and over again, you will condition your mind to a large extent? That is why negative thought is very dangerous because it is so addictive. If you keep conditioning your mind to expect something bad all the time, your mind to always crave for such inputs and you will end up becoming a negativity magnet.

  1. Take total responsibility.

Complaining is just a way of running way from responsibility. The ultimate solution to complaining is by taking total responsibility. For instance, if you are unhappy, you must admit that you are unhappy because you are creating it. Take total responsibility for everything that you do be it good or bad.

  1. Stop thinking negatively.

According to a recent research, most people who complain have negative thoughts. Although it is a very difficult trap to escape from, you can overcome it if you are willing to get help. Start by accepting that you actually have problem and work towards solving it.

I forget sometimes that I should not complain but my good friends remind me when I forget.

Today I am here to remind you not to complain.


Thank you for your support!

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One response to “How To Stop Complaining

  1. Very good perspective Richard. I have a great sense of familiarity with this subject as I grew up in a family where, sadly, negativity was indeed a habitual state of mind for a couple of my family members. I could comment that it was a beautiful sunny day and they would instinctively counter with a comment that there were a couple of clouds in the distant sky and a storm was very likely on its way. White was black to them.

    I wasn’t built with the same mindset and ultimately I moved out on my own at age 19 years. I had aspirations, even as a young man, and did not want to be faced with that negativity every day.

    I had begun to develop a negative attitude of my own in my late teens and fortunately recognized that is was not a healthy outlook. I can recall listening to recording of motivational speaker Anthony Robbins in his early years of success. His empowerment through positive thinking was exhilarating and I began to consciously avert my thinking to the positive and it really did make a difference in how I approached my personal and professional life.

    We are not born with negativity, we develop adverse outlook through the negativity of others and how we perceive things in our lives. The Anthony Robbins’s of this world did not reach their remarkable levels of success through negativity. We do indeed make the bed we lie in.

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