All Things Work Together For Our Good

Image courtesy: We may NOT see the purpose of the disappointment but it too serves a purpose. DON’T LOSE FAITH!

Today may that be the most pleasant or the most encouraging day but it is still a day to be grateful for. In fact, in your sight it may not feel right but if you can continue to put one foot in front the other you’ll be surprise how far you’ll make it. No matter how alone you may feel at this moment, remember you are never alone.

Don’t lose faith.

Do you feel as if you are overlooked although you are qualified? You know you’ve met the requirement but were still denied. Whatever the disappointments are don’t lose faith because God could be setting you up for something better. However, in the meantime keep preparing yourself as my mentor Dr. Kimbro said, “What is better than winning, preparing to win”. There are certain things in our lives that we cannot control but we can control how we react to the situations that we have no control over. So, it may not look good now but if you can find within you the strength to keep going very soon you’ll get past the dark road.

It is very important to trust the process.

“All things work together for our good”. You may not think so but it does. It is hard for us to see around the corner so what we have to do is trust that what we meet around the corner will make us happy or at least work for our good. Happy or not we must not lose faith that whatever it is, we must remember that all things work together for our good.

Life can be a roller coaster and sometimes when things don’t go as plan or seems like it’s never going to happy we give up. To reassure you, God always sees the bigger picture even when we don’t. I say that to say, don’t give up, don’t lose hope and most of all, continue to believe despite the disappointments. Quitting is a sign of disbelief in the possibility, so don’t quit.

At one point in my life I was blind to the possibility.

At some point along the journey we are going to meet with setbacks that will really test our faith. I may have shared this already where I have finished college in Jamaica and in search of jobs. I filled out applications after applications, did some interviews and still nothing. After several months of searching with no avail I decided to take a break and stayed with my grandmother just to get away from home as the pressure of not making any progress (well in my eyes) was getting to me. After weeks of being away from home I returned and low and behold someone from my community saw me and thought I was a police officer. In my mind it would be a crazy move to become a police officer but I took the test the next day and I didn’t share it with my parents. They would think I’m crazy. I never thought of myself as a police officer until that day and it is long after the fact that I realized how, “All things work together for our good”. So prior to becoming a member of the ministry of national security I was thinking then that all the disappointment and the no’s was working against me but it all worked out very well for me in the end. I end up getting a scholarship to the states long after I wanted it but the valuable experience I received before coming to the state is priceless. So, whatever you are going through now don’t give in, don’t lose sight of the possibility because something better even more than what you’ve imagined is on its way. Great things are in store for you!

Don’t stop because you have a disappointment. We all have then at times. Don’t quit because someone told you no. We all feel discouraged at times and during the time of discouragement we may find it harder to trust but that is the time when you’ll need to TRUST more than ever. Trusting the process is a requirement for our success!

Do you know of anyone who gets disappointing news from their doctor but end up changing their lifestyle for the better?

It is the attitude that you bring to the surface (display) that will make the difference.

What attitude will you bring to the surface when you are faced with adversity? It is always after that we see the benefit. Will you see the benefit?

Don’t dwell on the disappointment,  because if you do, you are only putting blinders over your own eyes.


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4 responses to “All Things Work Together For Our Good

  1. Great encouragement Richard. Every disappointment and setback works together for good. Trust and faith is of utmost importance in getting the required breakthrough that one needs. Your personal testimony of your journey through the obstacles is of great inspiration. Keep fulfilling your purpose. There are more barriers and hurdles to overcome, as you press forward, but the race is not to the swift, but to those who can endure to the end. When God restores, He gives the biggest, the best and the greatest!

    • Thanks Gertrude for sharing with me your thoughts. Appreciate you reinforcing the encouragement. I love how you said in the end and something I Know too well, “When God restores, He gives the biggest, the best and the greatest!” have a bless one my sister.

  2. If we only had a crystal ball! Life can certainly challenge and just when we feel as though things were not working out as anticipated our efforts begin to pay off. Low periods in our life seem as though they are going on indefinitely…greatly discouraging get staying positive helps ward away stress and anxiety over a situation. Both can be hugely distracting and harmful to our health and growth.

    • Don, It can be discouraging of-coarse especially when a lot of effort is put into what we are doing. But, I have seen it too often to not believe. We MUST stay hopeful!

      Have a bless one Don.

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