5 Things To Remember When In Pursuit Of Your Dream

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Who is going to be right? The naysayers or you.

It is not man who has placed in your heart your dream, God did. Therefore, you were already designed to win. Don’t leave without giving what you have to give. Some may not believe your dream can come true. I will forever ask this question, “Do you believe your dream can come true?” You may think it is just to get your hopes up when I say your dream can come true, but as I remind you I want you to believe also. Why? Dreams do come true and even if you don’t feel like it right now, write out “I believe my dreams can come true,” on a piece of paper and say it until you believe.

You must remember you are going to encounter those who don’t believe. So, remember these nuggets when in pursuit of your dream:

  1. The ability is in you to make it happen
  2. You don’t want the doubters to determine your destiny
  3. The greater the challenge the greater the reward
  4. What challenges you could just be in your way to promote you
  5. Don’t make your enemies be the ones that are happy

Who will have the final say? Who will say I told you so, you or the doubters?

I hope it’s you!

Travelling down a path of adversity after adversity, a road I know too well and for that I want to reinforce what I have shared with you yesterday, it becomes easier to quit. What I want you to remember is that the gift is in you and only you can share that gift with the world.

The world needs your gift.


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4 responses to “5 Things To Remember When In Pursuit Of Your Dream

  1. Hi Richard,
    This is an awesome blog post. Thanks again my friend.
    Dreams become real when you Wake-up and take action.
    It is never too late to be great !

  2. In my heart of hearts, Richard, I refuse to hear the voices of negativity. Their own life is what it is and theirs to live out as they will.

    As for me…I have dreams to hold onto and though my path may vary from its intended course my sight is forever on the destination!

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