Is It More Than Changing The Lifestyle?

How we think during the change matters, likewise the people we surround ourselves with.

Have you changed your lifestyle but still haven’t any significant change? To create a more significant change we have to work on our consciousness.

It was Albert Einstein who said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Why socializing with like-minded individuals matters?

The changing of our lifestyle alone will not create the long term change we want to experience in life. The reason for that is, changing the lifestyle is just part of the puzzle and if I should say, it is very important too. ie. We may change how we do things, what we eat and yet still we haven’t seen any significant change with our life experience. I was with a group of awesome individuals from YourDay BalanceGame on Wednesday night and as they shared their magical moments, clearly, it was more than just changing of lifestyle. If you take yourself for example, and question yourself to see what are some of the things you have done differently for a while now you too will realize that is more than what you do. However, I am not saying changing your lifestyle will not bring to your lives positive results. It will.

You have heard before, change the way you look at things and the things you look at change – that come as a result of increasing the level of your consciousness.

Well, look at your life from this angle. You have changed your lifestyle but haven’t change your environment or where you have changed your lifestyle but still continue to think the same way; doing so is like flying against the wind which you’ll be using more energy. Using more energy will cause you to be more exhausted and you may not get the result you wanted.

 What should we do?

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.” -Les Brown

We can always raise our consciousness – become more aware of who we are and our surrounding. I found being in the room on Wednesday with like-minded individuals really strengthen my own thinking and also have me pondering on some questions I need to answer for myself. That is to say, once you decide to change your lifestyle you may want to start hanging around others who will help you to become stronger.

How we think during the change matters, likewise the people we surround ourselves with.


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4 responses to “Is It More Than Changing The Lifestyle?

  1. Wonderfully inspiring insight as always Richard!

    Your comments always trigger a response mechanism that begins with deeper thinking. It came to me this evening as I read your remarks here that success is like a successful recipe, a combination of wonderful ingredients that compliment each other through the process of achieving our end goal…that perfect meal!

    A good recipe is developed through some trial and error but we soon discover how to develop that recipe to our own best taste. Take that a considerable yet comparable step forward with respect to our co-existence and successes among fellow human beings…we, as ingredients in the recipe need to surround ourselves with other most compatible ingredients in order for the recipe (our journey, our quest) to be successful.

    Our passion, as with our recipe, is best shared with those who embrace similar passions of their own, just as with compatibility for friendship or a loving relationship. Like-minded individuals lend support whereas opposing minds will differ.

  2. Thanks again Richard. There is power in your network. If you can’t change your friends change your friends.

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