3 Things to Remember When having A Bad Day

The RAIN will eventually stop!

Sometimes it is the not so good days that help us to be better than we are and we all should want to be better than we are. Quite frankly if you are not having a good day you may feel like giving up. However, what you don’t want to do is give up and the honest truth is that a lot of people have been down that same road – the road of not having a good day but what I have learned is that the best angle to tackle life from is the TRYangle. Yes I know! You may not feel as if you can find that angle this very moment and that’s fine. I want you to remember thou –

It’s a bad day not a bad life.

Nevertheless, we are going to have some days that will push us to the point to where all we want to do is forget why we have started in the first place. I hope these 3 reminders help.

  1. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

  2. Although what is happening right not is not in your favor does not mean that there is not a valuable lesson in it. Pay attention!

  3. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time. So when you feel frustrated and feel like you want to give in, remind yourself of why what you are doing is important to you.

We all have a choice to what type of attitude we display each day.


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2 responses to “3 Things to Remember When having A Bad Day

  1. The nucleus to all of your wonderfully empowering insights, Richard, from my perspective are positive self-affirmation (believing we can do it), a deep-seeded focus and desire to improve ourselves and our lives…and just as critically…to move to positive actions to make ‘BETTER’ happen.

    As ‘better’ happens, perhaps one step at a time, our sense of accomplishment and personal capabilities are reaffirmed…we begin to clearly see the possibilities.

  2. Don as always appreciate your feedback…and believe me I often come back and re-read some of your feedback when I too have a challenging day. It is something I learn in toastmasters, where they encouraged us to go back and re-read the positive feedback.

    Thanks and have a bless day!

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