13 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself If You Want To Be Successful

No one but ourselves can free our mind. -Bob Marley

Sometimes in life we are the one who prevent ourselves from getting ahead in life. Life can be challenging but we must remember, whatever we say to ourselves is what we’ll eventually believe. Therefore, there are certain things you should not be saying to yourself.

  1. They will not like what I have to offer

    * Never ever sell yourself short by thinking they won’t like what you have to offer. Those who start something new first have to believe in themselves.

  2. It’s too late for me to start going after my dreams

    * It’s never too late to make a difference in your life.

  3. I am not perfect at what I am doing as yet, so I am going to wait until I am perfect

    *Being perfect may take a life time so start and better on the way.

  4. I have tried before and I don’t see the need to try again

    *Not because it didn’t work before means that it will not work. Keep trying!

  5. I don’t have what it takes to be good at “IT”

    *If you give yourself the CHANCE and try you’ll be surprise to know what you are capable of doing.

  6. Nobody in my family ever go after such a big goal, so I don’t believe I can

    *Somebody have to be the first and you can make that first be you because you can do it.

  7. I am going to give up because I have heard too many no’s

     *You don’t want to allow the no’s to stop you from living your dreams. A ‘yes’ is out there but if you stop now, you will not get that ‘yes’.

  8. No one is going to give me the opportunity

    *Sometimes in life you have to create your own opportunity and you can do that by going the extra mile.

  9. This is how I am all my life and I can’t change

    *We can always change if we make up our minds to do so.

  10. I can’t see myself doing any better

    *Don’t put limit on your greatness and never forget that you are powerful beyond measure.

  11. I can’t forgive them

    *Not forgiving others is holding the past against your own progress. You free yourself when you forgive.

  12. Might as well I give up because I don’t see the sense

    *All great things take time and you could be well on your way to greatness. You’ll soon see the sense in it.

  13. I’ll never get it right

    *If you believe that you won’t get it right, you won’t. Change how you think and you’ll start getting better results.

We can change our outlook on life by changing the thoughts we entertain in our mind.


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2 responses to “13 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself If You Want To Be Successful

  1. We can come up with a million excuses why NOT to do things yet procrastination is at the core of putting off the very things we need to deal with in order to succeed. Each procrastination is vocalized as “I can’t”…self-defeating, especially if we have not even tried.

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