Don’t Major In Minor Things

Don't Spend Major Time On Minor Things.

What we focus on really matters.

Have you ever find yourself majoring in minor things? The thought flashes across my mind on my commute from work and immediately I start thinking to myself, what is it that I need to prioritize.

Where do I need to focus my energy and time intelligently?

I don’t know if you are guilty of majoring in minor things but I have and the honest truth about it is that doing so prevents progress.

The end of the semester is coming to an end and my plan is to shift gears in regards to my progress and own development. Yes, I want to be more effective of doing what I am currently doing.

I hope you too want to have improvements in your personal and professional life and if that the case, you cannot major in minor things.

“Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.” a quote that I’ve heard Tony Robbins shared numerous times. The first time I heard the him saying I was a student of the subject. I was spending major time on minor things. I realized than if I wanted to have any major change I would have to shift my focus. What are you spending your time on? Is it working for you or against you? To create major results in our lives we have to focus on the major things – the things that matters most. The things that will enhanced and enriches our lives greatly.

What will I have to give up in order to focus on the major things? Remember we cannot get as far as we are capable of going by focusing on the minor things in life. In fact, the minor things are distractions. Take for instant, your career. You maybe focusing on a complaining or gossiping coworker of which end up stopping you from focusing on what really matters. If you can fixed your focus on what really matters, your time would be spent more effectively where you could be creating new products or finding ways to increasing the bottom line.

Don’t let the minor things in life distract you!


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2 responses to “Don’t Major In Minor Things

  1. Thank you so much for this Richard. I feel inspired and compelled to reassess what is of greatest importance, those major things. We can so easily get caught up or distracted by the minor things, often thinking them of some importance yet what we derive from them is certainly less than positive results or gains.

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