Strengthening Your Discipline By Making The Reason Greater Than Yourself

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Self-discipline is a learned behavior and you can learn it.

Have you ever realize how individuals who are part of an organized team or group tend to be more disciplined? Think about it. Individuals who are doing what they do for a reason greater than themselves tend to be more disciplined. The reason for this is that, none of the members who are a part of the team want to be the one who lets the other members down. Would you?

How disciplined are you? Are you doing what you do just for you?

You don’t have to be a part of a team or group to demonstrate self-discipline. However, to maintain your self-discipline it has to be for a greater reason than doing what you have chosen to do. Yes, I know you want to make progress in your life but maybe you have had the experience where you stopped without accomplishing the end result. The WHY will keep you going long after you no longer feel like it.

Let’s say you are doing what you do in order to take care of your family. You’ll find it much easier to discipline yourself to keep on going when you may have otherwise given-up.  On that note, you may want to make sure you share what you are doing with who you are doing it for. That is important. Why? Those who you are doing it for can give you a pep talk on days when you may feel discouraged or challenged. It happens.

You are not the only one who’s ever felt like stopping. I have many times, and I realized that a lot of current and past successful individuals who we admire have been down that road too.

Get a reason.

Why do you do what you do? Is it for a greater good? Is it to help others live a better life? Is it to support your family? Whatever the reason, your discipline will be tested, so be ready.

What is going to help you stay committed? If it is for a reason greater than yourself you’ll continue to pursue even when you don’t feel like it.

I find helping others helps me to stay disciplined. What is it that helps you stay disciplined?


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2 responses to “Strengthening Your Discipline By Making The Reason Greater Than Yourself

  1. This is critical perspective and focus you share with us here Richard. As part of a team we feel a compelling sense of accountability and as you say not wanted to be singled out as the weak link, the one who failed to live up to their part of the group effort.

    Still, who better to aspire to achieve more for than ourselves and our loved ones. After all, they desire and deserve more as much as we do. I learned long ago to keep motivators right in front of me at all times at my workplace. I have a framed photo of my wife Andrea placed prominently on the bookshelf right above my desk where I see the photo several times a day. Doing so helps me maintain perspective and stay motivated to persevere.

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