90 Day Challenge: Day 4 – Think Positively About Yourself

What are you thinking about yourself? Are you thinking positive things or negative things? What you must know is this, you cannot win at the game if life thinking negatively about yourself. If you want to rise above where you are in life, you have to be thinking that you matter. You have to think that you have greatness in you. Because you do! You are powerful beyond measure, so why should you be thinking less of yourself. Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest even before he was in the sight of our eyes but in his mind, he knew that we tend to get what we expect. He expects to be the best. He knew that in order to be the best he would have to believe he can be the best. When you think that way, your chances for succeeding in life become even greater. Checkout Day 4 video on YouTube. Thanks for watching!

Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

What will you believe or think about when you are thinking about you? As Maya Angelou said, “You have to think high to rise”. Think positively about yourself. Remember, if we tend to get what we expect it would be a smart thing to think positively about ourselves – we should expect the best. You should think you matter. This is not to say you have to be the best as we speak but you don’t want to be going around every day thinking to yourself/about yourself that you are not good enough. If you do that is what you’ll believe. If that’s the case, why not think positively about yourself. It’s time to see yourself as the person you want to become. Let’s say this, If you were given the key to a vault that has all the riches you desire, (we all were given that key) would you hide the key and pretend you don’t have it? You have greatness in you and it’s time to start thinking that you do.

Some people think the worst is going to happen and some people think the best is going happen. What will you be thinking?


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4 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 4 – Think Positively About Yourself

  1. The dictionary expresses ‘positive as: “confident in opinion or assertion; fully assured”, the operative word being ‘fully’. Unless we pursue our goals and dreams with the deepest conviction they are less likely to happen, or at least not to the same degree. We must first believe in ourselves before anyone else will.

    I strive to embrace the positive more and more each passing day…the powerful benefits are too numerous to describe here yet reduced stress and anxiety about outcomes is a wonderful place to start through that enriching, empowering positive attitude.

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