90 Day Challenge: Day 5 – Do It Now

What are you waiting on to take action? The groups of people who get ahead in this life are those who take action. Do you want to get ahead? What group are you a part of? Is it the waiting group or the group that is taking action? Sometimes taking action on your dream can be hard and even scary and I’ve been there but I realized days in my own life where nothing has changed, it wasn’t until I did something about it. So, if you are in the group of the “waiters” it is you who has put yourself on the waiting list and you’ll have to take yourself off that list. Today could be your day but if you do nothing, you will not know. Do you want to know? You may not get a better opportunity then what you have today. Don’t allow your dreams to die inside of you. Please checkout day 5 video on YouTube!

Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

Don’t allow not being perfect stop you from taking action. Don’t wait on someone to change before you take action. Don’t wait for someone to discover you before you take action. Don’t wait for the right the person to come in your life before you take action. You’ll be surprise to see how fast the right person shows up after you start taking action.

What are you waiting on? Is it luck? You have to create your own luck and if you remain on the waiting list, the list that you have put yourself on – you may – if you haven’t already started to think that you are unlucky. If you want a breakthrough – if you want to have some form of satisfaction in your life, the truth is, you have to take action. Stop waiting for the absence of risk. Do it now to create your own breakthroughs. Know this, delay is danger. In fact, when you do it now, you have a better chance of succeeding than if you do it later because you’ll have more time to correct the mistake. Make the best of today – Do it now and don’t delay because if you really want to make a difference you’ll have to make a decision. Will that be today? I leave that to you! So that thing you have been pondering the due date is today – Do It Now!

No matter how small the steps are going forward – Still take them.


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