90 Day Challenge: Day 8 – Keep Your Mind On The Things You Want

Our thoughts have power and what we focus on we bring into our lives. We attract what we think about most. As James Allen said, “A person is limited only by the thoughts he chooses.” Knowing that, are you thinking about what you want or the things you don’t want? If it is success that you want, you should not be focusing on failure or past mistakes because what you think on most or dwell on, you will bring into your life. So what do you want? Health! Happiness! A good relationship! Think about what you want. You are not going to change your situation by focusing on the things you don’t want. In fact, what you are experiencing now in your current reality can change, but you will have to make sure what you are dwelling on are the things you want to experience. Day 8 video is on YouTube and Love to hear from you!

Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

This is not to say things are going to change overnight and I am not saying it cannot happen but you must know that our mindset plays an integral role in what we experience in our reality. This is very important: The things you want to experience in your reality – you have to believe that you can experience it. If you want to change your experience – then keep your mind on the things you want. You have to make it intentional because it is our thoughts that become things. You can start the process of changing your experience today and if you are serious about it, keep your mind on the things you want. Remember, we are only limited by the thoughts we choose. What will you be doing as of today in regards to the things you think about?

When thinking about the things you want to attract in your life, believing in yourself is very important.


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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 8 – Keep Your Mind On The Things You Want

  1. Richard, I’m really enjoying the recent addition of your video presentations! You’ve added a wonderfully personal, appealing touch to your already compelling insights posted here. The visual element is so strong and the videos bring with them a greater sense of genuine focus and reassurance through that personal responsiveness to see you in person…as it surely does during your public speaking engagements.

    Your insights here make perfectly good and natural sense. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by the negative (things we don’t want) we have lost the critical focus we need to achieve those things we really do want for ourselves and our loved ones.

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