90 Day Challenge: Day 10 – How To Get Out Of Rescue Mode

There is no reason to wait for someone to discover your greatness. It’s time to see your own potential and you will not realize your potential by waiting to be discovered. You were created to do great things. So, how can you get out of rescue mode? Day 10 video is on YouTube and love to hear from you!

Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

I hope these six tips help.

First, you want to review your focus. Second, you want to evaluate your daily habits. Third, you want to see yourself as God see’s you – a victor. Fourth, you want to cultivate your strengths. Fifth, you want to use whatever ability you have. Sixth, you want to engage in something meaningful each day and by all means share your abilities with everyone you can. You have greatness in you so don’t deny yourself of the possibility. You don’t have to wait to be rescued – you can be your best and it’s time to take the chance on being your best. What I come to realize is this, we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy and that something we have to choose wisely. I hope you are being your own best friend. Don’t wait any longer to start living your greatness. Greatness is in you! Don’t deny yourself of being the best that you can be. So,  whatever you want to be, start today. Sometimes you need to do what you are afraid of doing in order to realize what you are capable of doing. You have a choice so how will you see yourself in your mental eye. Your change is your choice.

Your abilities should not only live inside of you – share it!


Thank you for your support!

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3 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 10 – How To Get Out Of Rescue Mode

  1. Hello Richard,

    I really like #3.

    It’s important that we see ourselves victors because most people, myself included, at some point fall into the trap of believing “life owes me something.”

    Then they become stuck not knowing they’re waiting to be recused.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks Vernon I appreciate the feedback. Oh yes, #3 is very important because if we can get that in our mind, we’ll not limit ourselves.

  3. Most inspiring once again Richard!

    Your comments here take me back about twenty-five years to a time when, primarily for lack of experience, I had to face that fear straight on. I had been hired by a large firm in the property management and administration industry. One of my principal functions was to guide my clients, oftentimes numbering several hundred, through their general meetings.

    When I first started in that industry, standing before a modest sized gallery of Owners was a comfortable experience for me but as I graduated toward much larger properties of a high profile nature and Owners who had acquired great wealth and stature in their respective industries, the demands upon my level of experience and expertise became exponentially greater.

    The transition, quite frankly, was extremely stressful. As sole managing agent for the Owners I wore many hats, including conducting their meetings, and the mere thought of developing compelling presentations which culminated in my standing before those large audiences of distinguished background and profession was daunting to say the least.

    On one occasion I was hugely challenged by very difficult situation the Owners were facing with respect to legal issues levied against one of their own. During the general meeting I not only had to face the unfounded challenges of the problem Owner in question but with his legal counsel by his side. I had extended myself beforehand by doing my homework and when I stood to respond to this challenging individual I drew from all my resources including reference to the matter as it was addressed by the legislated Act of jurisdiction. The challenging Owner, to the dismay of all in attendance, became abusive and threatening. I stood calmly in the self-assurance of factual awareness and ultimately expelled the Owner and his legal counsel from the proceedings. As the theatre door closed behind them the large contingent of Owners attending rose in thunderous applause for I had seemingly slayed the dragon!

    I share the foregoing only for this reason; for the first time in several years of serving in that capacity I came to realise my level of expertise through experience and a newfound level of self-confidence I had not experienced ever before in my entire career. Word quickly traveled through the metropolitan centre and my longevity in the industry as a successful real property administrator had been predicated on the successful conclusion of that singular most challenging Owner meeting I had ever attended.

    My comments are much longer than intended Richard but the analogy here being that I had no-one at all to await my rescue. I had two choices and no other…to step up and meet the challenge head on…or close my briefcase and leave the theatre defeated and undeserving of the distinguished clients who so eagerly sought my guidance and resolve to a very serious situation that had gone unresolved for two years and counting. Of course, the legal remedy came through our own legal counsel and due process yet on that occasion I had to avail myself as ready catalyst for change, positive change that allowed the Owners to move forward with their business at hand.

    I had to fulfill the critical steps that you refer to here Richard and had I not I may not have gone on to realize success and longevity in such a hugely challenging profession. Sometimes the process seems beyond our capabilities yet our determination and commitment to those we serve becomes our own catalyst for success. We simply have to be willing to step forward and exercise that greatness that we possess to move beyond obstacles that previously held us back.

    Had I not persevered my own future may have gone in a completely different direction and one much less fulfilling.

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