90 Day Challenge: Day 12 – Self-Image

Self-image is how we see ourselves and how we see ourselves is what forms the core of our personality. As Maxwell Maltz said, “The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.” It’s not too late to make changes to the self-image you have of yourself. I have used affirmations. I told myself when I was working on myself every day the type of person I wanted to become. It took some time but after a while I started to believe what I was saying. Day 12 video is on YouTube and would love to hear from you!

Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

If you haven’t been looking at yourself as you will one day become, start today. You may have in the back of your mind that you are inferior because of the back ground that you came from, and if that’s the case, change that thinking because you are not. You are important just has every single person you can think of – so don’t degrade yourself by thinking you are a lesser person. You are wonderful made and as Les Brown would say, “You have greatness in you”.

Start today to see yourself as you will one day become and one day when you wake up you’ll be that person you have imagined yourself to be. No one can create that image for you – I can tell you what I believe but you will in turn have to believe it too. So, if the self-image you have of yourself is not one of you being worthy of success start painting that picture today. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect – but you can get better. You’ll only be as you see yourself. So, look at yourself with good eyes – see your worth – see the possibilities for your life.

You can change the old beliefs you have of yourself, so start thinking of the person you would want to become.


Thank you for your support!

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2 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 12 – Self-Image

  1. You have no doubt shared these insights with many, Richard, and I imagine even extended to your students. What powerful affirmation for young minds to absorb. Self-esteem is critical to our motivation to pursue and achieve.

    I often read back your empowering insights, Richard, each time gaining even more perspective.

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