90 Day Challenge: Day 14 – Not Everybody Is Going To Understand Your Journey

Not everybody is going to understand your journey especially if you are going about it the unconventional way. If you decide to take the road less traveled you are going to come across people (friends and families) who will not understand your journey and that’s fine. But if you are okay with being misunderstood by others you’ll become more confident in expressing who you truly are and your desires. 

Challenge yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

In fact, the only person who knows exactly what you want is you. You don’t have to explain yourself to everybody who doesn’t understand and sometimes when you even take the time to explain yourself it is a possibility that they’ll still not understand. What normally happens after a while is that you will realize that you have only wasted your time, so don’t feel as if you are obligated or subjected to explain yourself because you are not. I know it can be hurtful especially when you think the person who is supposed to support your dream doesn’t but don’t worry because you’ll find some people who do.

I sincerely support those who are going after their hearts desire and if you so choose to make your dream a reality, bear this in mind, you are going to find someone somewhere who doesn’t understand you or your journey. If you stop to explain and be approved by everyone you may end up confusing yourself. It’s better for them to be confused – not you. You are going to be misunderstood by some people and again that’s fine.

However, as you venture on your pursuit keep an open-mind and when you get feedback from others that you may not like, don’t take it personally because as we go we grow. Don’t wait to be understood by those who don’t understand your journey because if you do you may not reach where you want to go. And sometimes it is when you get where you have intended to go you’ll find that those who didn’t understand your journey final come around. Don’t wait to be understood – because some people will never understand.

What do you do in a situation where you are misunderstood?


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6 responses to “90 Day Challenge: Day 14 – Not Everybody Is Going To Understand Your Journey

  1. Thank you Rich, this is very good.

  2. I am so often misunderstood but I simply take my ‘licking’ and keep right on ticking. Have a blessed weekend Richard.

  3. That’s right Yvonne. That’s the right attitude – some will, some won’t and that is life! You too, Have a bless weekend!

  4. Richard, my entire career has been centered on vocations that many would (and do) consider unconventional, far too demanding, too risky, too much of a pipe dream. If I had a dollar for every person who felt that way along my journey I would now be retired ten years!

    My focus has always remained on the happiness of myself and my loved ones and if others don’t understand or appreciate the value or logic in what I do that’s fine but it does not deter me from pursuing what I value the most.

    Not everyone believes that dreams do come true…that’s where I leave them standing at the starting gate! I know where I’m going!

    • Indeed Don,(I know) some people will never see what you see… I come to realize that it is some of those who stop believing in the possibility of their own dream are the one’s who are quick to talk you out of your dream. I love the last sentence…”I know where I am going” and that’s what matters most.

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